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Allu Arjun and Rashmika Mandanna have won the hearts of everyone with their work in the film ‘Pushpa’. At the same time, his villains have been in the headlines. More than one villain has been found in Pushpa. So today let us tell you in detail about the five villains of ‘Pushpa: The Rise’.

Dhananjay (Jolly Reddy): The real name of the actor seen in the role of Jolly Reddy is Dhananjay. ‘Pushpa’ shows that Dhananjay is seen less as a villain and more as a monster. He is the younger brother of both the Reddy brothers. Jolly has no special role in the film. He just walks in front of his two brothers.

In fact, Dhananjay works in the Kannada film industry and is also a theater artist. He has been active in the world of cinema for the last 7-8 years. Before Pushpa, Dhananjay became popular by playing the role of a villain in the film Tagore.

Sanmukh alias (Jakka Reddy): The real name of the actor appearing in the character of Jakka Reddy is Sanmukh. In the film, Jakka is described as the most intelligent and intelligent of the three Reddy brothers. Jakka i.e. Sanmukh was born in Visakhapatnam. That is their appreciation. Because more information about Sanmukh is not available on the internet.

Ajay Ghosh aka (Konda Reddy): Now let’s talk about Ajay Ghosh who was seen in the role of Konda Reddy in this movie. Let me tell you that Konda Reddy Pushpa has older brothers Jolly Reddy and Konda Reddy. Ajay Ghosh is the most dangerous and scary villain in the film.

He also loses an arm while fighting enemies. However, with just one hand, he also has the power to wield a gun. Let me tell you that Ajay is a well-known name in Malayalam cinema. Ajay has been working in films for almost 18 years. Apart from Malayalam and Telugu cinema, Ajay has also acted in Bhojpuri films.

Mangalam Shinu (Sunil Verma): Actor Sunil Verma has also played the role of a strong villain in ‘Pushpa’. His character’s name is Mangalam Shinu. All the smugglers are afraid of Mangalam Shinu, although Pushpa went to his house and showed his strength.

Let me tell you that Sunil usually plays a positive role in films, although his look for this film changed drastically. The skin was blackened and lenses were placed in the eyes. Sunil appears as a comedian in South Indian films. He has acted in many films of the South.

Dakshayani (Ansuya Bhardwaj): Now let’s talk about Ansuya Bhardwaj who is seen as Shinu’s wife in the film. She was also no less than a villain. Ansuya Bhardwaj has played the role of Dakshayani in the film ‘Pushpa’. At the end of the film, she gets angry at her husband Mangalam Shinu and cuts his throat with a blade.

It is expected that Ansuya will be seen in a stronger role in the next part of the film. Talking about his real life, he has made a name for himself by hosting many Telugu TV shows and functions. Let me tell you that Ansuya’s next film is with South Indian cinema megastar Nagarjuna.


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