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Have you every watched a film and thought, I wish this man knew that he could do so much better? Well, here are a list of characters who had us rooting for them to leave the female leads, and have a happily ever after with someone who actually deserved them. 

1. Rohit from Kal Ho Naa Ho 

There was so much going on with this film, and Naina did not have enough time to get over Aman. She needed closure and getting with Rohit was probably not the smartest thing. Especially since Rohit spent years pining over her, only to get her because of some elaborate scheme cooked up by Aman. We're not saying Camilla was a good choice, but at least that didn't involve getting brainwashed by Aman. 

Rohit from Kal Ho Naa Ho
Source: Imdb

2. Robbie in Manmarziyaan

Robbie really loved Rumi but she couldn't commit to him until after she cheated on him. I mean, that's a pretty big red flag. 

Robbie in Manmarziyaan
Source: hindustan times

3. Aman in Kuch Kuch Hota Hai

He was absolutely head over heels for Anjali. But she didn't even have the decency to tell him that she wasn't interested anymore. Instead, Aman had to make that sacrifice himself, after fighting for her, absolutely oblivious to the fact that she was just with him because it was convinient. 

Aman in Kuch Kuch Hota Hai
Source: YouTube / Dharma Productions

4. Manu in Tanu Weds Manu

Tanu was such a toxic character, and Manu was the exact opposite, at least in the first film. He was attracted to her free-spirit but that's exactly why he should have run in the other direction. She was an alcoholic who wanted someone who would make her feel better about her destructive behavour. 

Manu in Tanu Weds Manu
Source: Scroll.in

5. Aditya in Jab We Met

We all love this film, but if Geet couldn't see how perfect Aditya was in the first half, then she didn't deserve him in the second. This man was gold, and Geet still left him for Anshuman. 

Aditya in Jab We Met
Source: Hindustan Times

6. Karan in Lakshya

The character development in this film was brilliant, especially Karan's. Romi did make a decision to leave him, which worked for her, and pushed him onto the right path. However, she could have stayed behind, supported him and shown him that he is allowed to explore himself without judgement. Which is why Karan taking Romi back didn't really sit well. 

Karan in Lakshya
Source: Amazon Prime Video

7. Vanraj in Hum Dil De Chuke Sanam

Nandini basically played table tennis with Vanraj's heart and chased Sameer to another country with her husband in tow. So yeah, he deserved better for sure. 

Vanraj in Hum Dil De Chuke Sanam
Source: YouTube

Who did we miss?


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