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Aamir Khan has never been known to mince his words and his appearances on the chat show Koffee With Karan have proven that over and over again. Here are 7 instances when he roasted Karan Johar, beating him at his own game. 

1. When Aamir Khan first came to Koffee With Karan in season 4, he bluntly told him why he hadn't appeared on the show earlier. He did not like him too much. Simple. 

Aamir Khan on Koffee with Karan

2. He also challenged Karan's fashion sense in season 6. In one of the episodes, Karan was asked if he'd give up on shopping or gossip. To this, Karan replied, gossip, but Aamir disagreed. Backed by Malaika Arora, he said.

Aamir Khan on KWK

3. However, it was in his appearance on season 7 of Koffee With Karan that Aamir really went savage. Firstly, he accused Karan of favouring certain people more than others. 

Aamir Khan Savage

4. And then, when Karan said his sex life should not be discussed on national television, Aamir had this reaction. Well, fair point.

Aamir Khan Funny

5. Aamir was also very clear about the fact that he did not enjoy Kabhi Khushi Kabhie Gham, except for Kareena's character Poo.

Aamir Khan Roasting Karan Johar

6. Throughout the episode, he kept teasing Karan about the show, saying that someone or the other gets hurt on KwK.

Aamir Khan Roasting Karan Johar

7. And finally, he jokingly questioned Karan being nice to people.

Aamir Khan and Karan Johar

If Karan was not equally savage with his guests, we may have felt bad for him.


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