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Whether it is Bollywood or the film industry, both actors and actresses of the 90s have ruled. Some are still occupying television or Bollywood today. So there are some artists who are now living a different life away from the TV world. But their identity has remained the same since then. They are still known today as television’s powerful, Anurag and Chandrakanta. Find out about the five stars of the same 90s who are living separate lives from television today.

Mukesh Khanna:

Mukesh Khanna is still known by the Shaktimaan. The craze of Mukesh Khanna in the 90s has never been seen so far. The role of the children Mukesh Khanna became very intense for the Shaktimaan. Shaktimaan dresses made hisr style crazy for everyone. Mukesh Khanna has played many roles on television for a long time, but on each of his roles, Shaktimaan’s character falls heavily. Currently, Mukesh Khanna is away from the television world and is running an acting school in Mumbai.

Shikha Swarup:

Thus, Chandrakanta’s role has played many actresses till now, but no one has ever forgotten actress Shikha Swarup in this character. In the 90s, Shikha made an identity out of TV serial Chandrakanta. People came to know her by the name of Chandrakanta. Shikha has also won the Miss India title in 1988. After Chandrakanta, Shikha has also been noticed in Ramayana.

Sirajin Khan:

Celebrity actor Sirajin Khan, who plays the role of Anurag in the life of a test on the small screen, is currently running his business. Sirajin Khan worked in the 2009 Sita Aur Geeta serial. From then on, the Seigen turned away from the LimeLight. Sirajin Khan came up with a lot of talk from his first serial. Subsequently, Sirajin Khan worked on a number of serials like ‘Kya hadsa kya hakikat’, ‘Piya ke ghar jaana hain’. But today people still know the name of Anurag.

Arun Govil:

Arun Govil, who played the role of Ram in the most beautiful Ramayana in the television world, is still famous for his character. The first image of Lord Ram was seen by people in Arun Govil. Since then, people have understood Ram’s character more closely. It is said that people started to understand Arun Govil in the 90s as Ram. Apart from Ramayana, Arun has appeared in several new serials. But he is still known for his Ram character. Currently, Arun is living a life far away from the television world.

Shweta Kawatra

No one knows the well-known actress Shweta Kawatra who plays Pallavi’s role in Kahaani Ghar Ghar Ki Serial. Shweta has appeared in several TV serials since the serial. Shweta was last seen in the serial Balwir on Sub TV. Since then, Shweta has disappeared from the TV world.


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