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The 90s were a very special moment for Bollywood. This was the decade in which Bollywood was focusing on romantic films. Bollywood was even more fan-following at that time in Bollywood. The songs of the 90s are still buzzing with people today. But what was most striking in the 90s was the photoshoot. Seeing a photoshoot of the 90s still can’t stop you from laughing.

In this photo, you can see that Rekha and Shakti Kapoor are posing on something different. Looking at this picture, it seems that Rekha is going to take a stake in Met gala.

It can be seen in the photo that what does Jackie want to shroud? So in the second photo, nobody can answer Shakti Kapoor’s pose. Shakti Kapoor’s dress has never been seen in this photo before.

After seeing this picture, it would be interesting to ask Akshay Kumar what he is wearing. In the second photo, Govinda and Juhi’s photoshoot is also a bit shaky.

In this photo you can see Shahrukh Khan’s baby bump. Would it be interesting to ask John in the second photo, what did John finally do?

You will be quite ashamed to see this picture of Mithun and Rekha.

Check out this photoshoot of Jackie Shroff. Never before have you seen this incarnation of Jackie shroff.

You have never seen this picture of Salman Khan and Aditya Pancholi before. Aditya Pancholi also gave this pose for this photoshoot. So when you look at Salman Khan you will start thinking.

Rishi Kapoor has always been in the place of a cute hero. Nowadays, he often says the same thing on Twitter, causing controversy. If this photo of Rishi was from today, no one could save Rishi Kapoor.

Looking at this pose of Akshay and Karisma, nothing can be determined. Neither in this photo is in a romantic mood or sexy. Photos with such poses may be needed in the absurd category.

Even at the age of 60, you will rarely see gorgeous heroin-like Rekha. Her saree and her satin sindoor make it even more gorgeous. But looking at this photo you would be wondering if really Rekha would be doing such bad makeup?

Heroin’s pose is okay. But this idea of ​​Akshay is even more strange. No matter how hot a photo of his face comes up, the 90s photo is something weird.

Guess Ravina is a strong heroine. But that doesn’t mean Sunny is sitting in her lap. But in this pose the reverse has happened, still sitting in Ravina Sunny’s lap seems okay but this is Sunny too…

Nowadays, this photo of Ajay, carrying 6 packs and known as Singham in Bollywood, is something strange. In that too, the short has become much shorter.

Au Lolita… this is Shakti Kapoor… ha ha ha… After looking at this photo it seems like he is ready to make his own composition. If Faith has not seen this photo then good.

These days, a hero appears in his 6 pack and clicks on such a photo. But this time also clicked on the photo.


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