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One of the most talked-about actors in the South Indian film business is Vijay Deverakonda, who is frequently referred to as being one of the nation’s least arrogant leading men. He behaves and speaks like an average neighbour. Even his language off-screen is approachable and natural. But occasionally, these casual approaches have made a lot of fuss, and something similar just happened to him recently.

He has every justification to be the talk of the town at this point. He is going to make his Bollywood debut with “Liger,” directed by Karan Johar. He will be seen as Ananya Panday’s co-star in the film. While Liger’s songs and the Telugu star’s nearly naked image have generated a lot of buzzes online, the actor seems to be in trouble again.

Audiences have decided to boycott ‘Liger’, but why?

Just a few days before the movie’s premiere, the hashtag “Boycott Liger” began to gain traction on Twitter. While many movies are being boycotted these days for various reasons, this matter is different.

Since then, images and videos of the actor from his press conference in Hyderabad have gone viral. The actor was seen watching the performance while seated at a table with his feet up.


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At the press conference, one journalist informed Vijay that it was uncomfortable for him to converse with him like this. He said,

I’m not able to do it right now

As a means of consoling him, Vijay suggested that he should also raise his feet so that they could converse in a more relaxed and unstructured manner. Vijay remarked, putting his feet up,

Let’s talk freely

This caused a chuckle among everyone. But this event has led to allegations that Vijay Deverakonda has an attitude issue. Many also disparaged him harshly for being impolite and arrogant.

Here is what Vijay Deverakonda said after being targetted for his impolite action

After receiving a lot of flak on social media, the actor addressed the whole issue in his own way. On Twitter, he wrote,

Anybody trying to grow in their field.. Will Always have a Target on their back – But we fightback 🙂  And when you are honest, yourself and want the best for everyone – The love of people and God will protect you.

The fact that renowned boxer Mike Tyson would be making his Indian film debut with Liger, has sparked a lot of excitement among moviegoers and enthusiasts. Puri Jagannadh is the director of “Liger.”

The movie has been made by Dharma Productions and Puri Connects and was concurrently shot in Hindi and Telugu. American boxer Mike Tyson makes his acting debut opposite Vijay, who portrays the title character in an MMA bout.

High-octane action scenes are also rumoured to be in the movie. Ananya Pandey and Ramya Krishnan will also play significant parts in the movie, in addition to Vijay Deverakonda and Mike Tyson. The film is set to be released in theatres on August 25, and the cast and other technical teams have already begun promoting it.


So, in a few days, we will find out how this boycott campaign impacted the film’s business.


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