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After the success of monumental works like RRR and KGF, South Indian cinema are finally receiving the recognition they deserve. But regional movies have always spawned some intriguing and compelling narratives. Recently, the Hindi movie, Good Luck Jerry, that viewers were drawn to was also a remake of the Tamil black comedy Kolamaavu Kokila.

South Indian cinema, among other genres, is known for its suspenseful thrillers that can someday topple Bollywood productions. Here is a selection of a few movies you might want to add to your watch list.

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1. Vikram Vedha 

Police officers playing Vikram (Madhavan) and Simon (Prem Kumar), who are partners, aim to apprehend Vedha (Sethupathi). In exchange for his own submission, Vedha tells Vikram a tale that alters the course of his life. Now, a Hindi version of the original movie is also being produced.

2. Drishyam 

The tale centres on the joyful family of George Kutty, played by Mohanlal, whose lives fall upside down after they unintentionally commit a crime. George must do everything in his power to protect his family and conceal their secret. The Hindi adaptation is also among the top Bollywood thriller films. 

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3. Visaaranai 

The plot centres on the misery of four workers who are subjected to police torture despite having committed no crime. Things grow worse after a police officer rescues them. It is a well-known South Indian thriller flick that is based on the book Lock Up.

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4. Goodachari 

The spy thriller revolves around Gopi, a RAW recruit who is charged with involvement in the murder of two RAW agents on the day of his graduation. He struggles to clear his identity and track out the culprits after being listed as a wanted terrorist.

5. Anjam Pathira 

When a series of serial killings occur quickly after one another, Anwar, a professional criminal psychologist, must race against time. This is a fantastic suspense thriller that can keep you on the edge of your seat the entire time.

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6. Thondimuthalum Driksakshiyum 

The main suspense in this Malayalam thriller is trying to figure out what the whole thing is about. Your attention is drawn into the story by the film's engaging narration and realistic setting. In particular, Fahad Fassil's acting steals the show along with the narrative and screenplay.

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7. Memories 

An alcoholic police officer who is grieving the loss of his family receives a case involving the investigation of serial killing in this well-known South Indian thriller. This criminal thriller in Malayalam is hailed as one of the best South Indian psychological suspense films.

8. 7th Day 

The mystery is kept a secret until the very end of this suspense thriller. A suspended police officer works to unravel the mystery throughout the film, which comes to an unexpected conclusion. 

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9. Maheshinte Prathikaram 

The movie narrates the tale of photographer Mahesh Bhavana (Faasil), who is knocked to the ground while trying to mediate a fight between his friend Crispin (Shahir) and a bunch of kids travelling through their hamlet. After the encounter, he feels insulted and decides to exact revenge on the stranger.

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10. Vishwaroopam 

This spy action thriller's main character is a classical dancer who teaches Kathak in New York, and his wife, Nirupama, engages a private eye to spy on him. This sets off a chain of events that Nirupama had never anticipated. In his portrayal of a classical dancer, Kamal Haasan did a commendable job. 

11. U-Turn

With its flawless plot, the Kannada movie U-turn is a movie with hardly any flaws. Beginning with a simple traffic infraction that evolves into a disturbing murder mystery, the film presents a riveting story instantly. A superb ensemble gave a low-budget movie U-turn excellent scores for acting prowess and brilliance.

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12. Irumbu Thirai 

Irumbu Thirai stands out among films about cybercrime because it discusses social implications. The plot of the film is based on a data breach that endangered national security due to a release of defense-related material. Undoubtedly, the best thriller to teach us about the subtleties of data theft is this one in Tamil.

What are you waiting for, then? Binge on.

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