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There is nothing more satisfying than a movie which gives you all the right answers in the end. Here are some of our favourites films that left us content. 

1. Rang De Basanti 

This heartbreaking ending was also quite satisfying. And though it left us in tears, it did get its point across. 

2. Ship Of Theseus 

The different stories come together to give us the perfect ending in this thought-provoking film. 

3. Udaan

The ending was cathartic to say the least. After everything the sons went through, they find their own safe haven and that's all that matters. 

4. Bluffmaster!

This Rohan Sippy film ended on quite the optimistic note despite all the angst we were put through. 

5. Omkara 

Not just the ending, this movie, inspired by Othello, was a masterpiece throughout. Though we didn't exactly get a happy ending, we did get all the answers we needed. 

6. Tumbbad

This 2018 horror film left us shook. However, as upsetting as the rest of the movie was, the ending did have an interesting moral. So if you haven't watched Tumbbad yet, you're definitely missing out. 

7. Aankhen

One of Bollywood's lesser known gems, this movie had a brilliant star cast, a unique storyline and an ending after which we all let out the breath we'd been holding. 

8. Hum Dil De Chuke Sanam

This movie is one of those classic romances that everyone has watched. And though we half expected the lovers to reunite in the end, the film surprised us. 

9. Highway

Everything about this movie was well thought out and beautiful, but the solemn ending stole our hearts. 

10. Kahaani 

One of Bollywood's finest thrillers, this movie will surprise you with every twist and turn it takes, the ending being no exception. 

11. A Wednesday!

With an impressive star cast and a storyline that had us hooked right from the start, this movie's ending was the cherry on top of the cake. 

12. Citylights

This Hansal Mehta film gave us an ending that was far from happy, but still tied the story up in a beautiful way. 

13. Haider 

Inspired by Hamlet, this movie kept us hooked throughout and we couldn't have asked for a better ending, especially with Haider's escape. 

14. Pink

It takes a long time for the system to come around and acknowledge that the women are innocent, but the wait is worth it. 

15. Kapoor And Sons

Even though everything comes undone in the end, the movie gives us all the answers we were so desperately waiting for in the end. 

Which one was your favourite?


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