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'What a disgusting woman': Trolls accuse Alia Bhatt of smelling her own fart, fans come out it defense after real video surfaces

Alia Bhatt might be in a satisfying space both professionally and personally but she also has her own fair share of trolls. Recently, the actress was brutally trolled for allegedly smelling her own fart after a clip went viral from her promotional activity for Brahmastra . The video showed the actress touching her backside and then putting her finger in front of her nose.

Soon, some netizens started trolling the actress under the particular clip. Some stated, “Alia futt!! So unhygienic.. Disgusting!, #BoycottAliaBhatt” while another user stated, “Boycott all of Gutterwood regardless of who they are . They all eat & shit in the same plate . It’s the audience & fans have made them where they are . Otherwise they are no one . People in India needs to stop treating them like gods .GUTTERWOOD STOP THIS NONSENSE BEHAVIOR.” One netizen also went on to state, “Ye Nepokids talented to bahot hai.” A user also went on to say, “acidity is normal during pregnancy but have some shame wtf alia.” Take a look at some of the tweets.

However, Alia Bhatt also had her own group of supporters who lashed out at the Twitter page for circulating the video. A fan stated, “Making fun of a pregnant woman is so cheap.” Another user stated, “I'm not a fan of Alia but she is pregnant ffs!! I mean come on her husband himself shamed her about her weight then what more can we expect from the public?so this should come as no surprise.” A netizen further stated, “Y'all are so disgusting. Mocking a pregnant woman just for your fun, she was adjusting her mic and you edited that part of the video. So low!! Shame on you.”

Earlier Alia Bhatt’s husband Ranbir Kapoor also bore the brunt of trolls after his joke on his wife didn’t go down well with the netizens. The actor in Hindi indicated to his wife, ‘somebody is swollen’ which fans called downright bodyshaming. The couple are currently busy with promoting their movie Brahmastra which will be releasing on September 9.


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