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In the Bollywood film industry, glamor is a blaze of glow. Actors can go anywhere without makeup, but when it comes to actresses, it is impossible for them to go out without makeup. Because in order to survive in this industry they have to make makeup an unforgettable part of their life. However, it cannot be denied that makeup has made many women look beautiful. Whether it is Bollywood or Hollywood.

Today we are going to tell you about some makeup actresses that you cannot believe.

1) Actress Isha Gupta, who is arguably the hottest hot and glamorous photographer, comes up with something without makeup.

2) At the airport where the characters are seen in the glamor avatar, Sonam Kapoor came up with something like this.

3) Shahid Kapoor’s wife, Meera Rajput, who is seen in the most fashionable way, seems to have forgotten to do makeup this time.

4) Sonam Kapoor found without makeup at the airport:

5) Actress Shraddha Kapoor was spotted during a special screening of a movie.

6) Vidya Balan has also been imprisoned on camera without makeup.

7) Katrina Kaif looks glamorous even without makeup.

8) However, Kareena doesn’t need any makeup to look beautiful.

9) Cute looks without the directional makeup.


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