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While the name of Baahubali has been written up forever in the history of Indian cinema, with the release of the film, the question arose in the minds of people as to why Kattappa killed Baahubali. The film became the highest-grossing Indian film. On the other hand, this film has a lot of flaws. So today we talk about some of the mistakes that you might not have noticed while watching the film –

In Baahubali-1, Bhallal is shown to be fighting with Baahubali, but his wife is not shown in Baahubali-2. Devasena, Shivagami, Avantika were all seen in the movie, but where is Bhallal’s wife? Bhalla’s son shows up and kills Bahubali. But who was his mother eventually? The marriage or the wife of Bhallal Dev has never been shown in the entire film.

In Baahubali-2, Bhallal Dev made his 125-foot-high gold statue. But when the statue was falling, it was breaking instead of turning. Have you ever seen a gold break?

In one of the scenes of the film, Devasena is sitting in a palanquin when suddenly the bandit comes to rob her. But from inside, Devasena comes out and shoots the bandits. Rather than fighting, she uses a sword and bandits start flying like this. Then everything seems to be fine but if you look at this scene carefully you will know that three bandits flew without touching the sword.

There is a scene during the film’s climax where a fight between Baahubali’s son and Bhallal is going on, while Bhallal is hitting Baahubali with his weapon, so loud that the floor is broken. But if you look carefully you will find that a mistake has been made that the floor is broken just before the weapon falls.

Where are you holding the shield, brother? Needless to say, the shield is very well used in this film, but in the film, one scene shows that there is no hand holding a large shield, which appears in another scene. So it was a mistake to see how Baahubali was holding this shield.

When Prabhas is climbing a hill in Baahubali-1, he has no shoes in his feet but when he reaches the hill, he has shoes in his feet.

Actress Tamanna Bhatia is shown wearing a blue knotless dress in a blue Baahubali-1 song, but when the song finishes, a ribbon knot appears in her dress.

A scene in Baahubali-2 shows that Shivagami is walking very far with a fire on his head, but there is no sweat on his face when the sweat is visible on the chest of a person standing in the crowd.

In Baahubali-2, the elephant has only raised a snout but a woman is already giving a frightening gesture. When an elephant is running towards people, people are scared, but there is a boy smiling.


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