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Actor Akshay Kumar, the only actor in Bollywood, is always accompanied by a person under his protection, and that is Shreyas Thele. Shreyas is Akshay’s bodyguard and he stays with him like a shadow. His brain and eyes are moving around so that no one can harm his own boss Akshay Kumar.

Shreyas, who protects Akshay Kumar 24 hours a day, has a salary of millions of rupees. Along with Akshay, Shreyas also takes care of Akshay’s son Aarav Kumar. For which Akshay Kumar pays Shreyas a fee of Rs 1.2 crore a year. According to which the monthly fee is 10 lakh rupees. Shreyas is one of the most expensive bodyguards in Bollywood.

Like Akshay Kumar, Shreyas is considered to be a bright-minded and stunt man. Shreyas, who walks step by step with Akshay, becomes active even before Akshay’s action.

From parties to airports, Shreyash is always with him. On foreign trips, even on shooting sets, Shreyas stays with him. Shreyas is a very reliable man for Akshay Kumar. Shreyas is also aware of every program of Akshay.


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