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When two Bollywood celebrities have been together for a long time, their PDA, public chemistry, and social media posts about each other become public. Similarly, when they split up, the fan base becomes engrossed in speculation rather than asking what happened to the two people involved.

Katrina and Ranbir dated for a long time and even collaborated on a number of projects. They broke up during the final act of their last film together, Jagga Jaasoos, and things became unpleasant.

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Many people noted the spark that had faded, and here are 5 occasions Ranbir tried to mock her, but she kept her calm.

Wouldn’t let her talk on air

When the two were promoting Jagga Jaasoos and went on the air for a radio interview, he kept interrupting her and saying, “I have been asked more questions than you.” When she inquired whether he’d let her speak, he answered, “I have been asked more questions than you.”

Praised her and then said ‘ungli mat kar’

He lauded her as a celebrity and her dance skills during one of the press conferences for the song launch of their movie, and when she tried to add something or talk to the journalist, he interrupted and said, “hogayi tareef, ab aur ungli mat kar.”

When he declared himself a “Katrina Kaif encylopedia,” he intended this.

He boldly declared that he can’t be fooled when it comes to Katrina Kaif since he’s a ‘Katrina Kaif encyclopaedia’ during a rapid fire round about each other.

He stated that he is able to speak because he is the film’s producer.

While Katrina was describing her persona in one of the interviews, Ranbir interrupted her to talk about it himself. “I am the producer of the film, I can talk about it,” he responded when asked if he realises she’s sitting right there and he’s talking about her character.

When he was asked to choose the five most important persons in his life, he chose his dogs over her.

The duo was accepting questions from fans during one of their Facebook Live sessions. One of the questions asked about the persons who had the greatest impact on his life. “I could have said you, my mother, father, niece, Ayan, and I, but I’ll go ahead with two of my dogs.”

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