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Biological or not, family is family, and the one who knows the true meaning of family knows how special parenthood is, be it the parenting of their biological children or non-biological ones. Today, we all have come such a long way where the stigma of adoption is slowly and steadily breaking off. The well-known personalities are setting up great examples to terminate this blotch.

With no further delay today we will be listing some Indian celebrities who went out of their way and adopted some beautiful children. Knowing their stories will make your heart fill with nothing but pure bliss and exuberance.

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1. Sunny Leone – Nisha

Indian actress and entrepreneur Sunny Leone is an avid media personality. Karenjit Kaur Vohra often known as Sunny has been married to Daniel Weber for almost about 10 years now and while people keep on gushing over this lovely couple, the love exponentially increased when in the year 2017 this couple adopted a sweet girl and became her proud parents.

This lovely girl was from Latur, Maharashtra whom the couple later named Nisha Kaur Weber. This duo’s decision to bring up Nisha received widespread appreciation. Eventually, this couple welcomed their twin sons via surrogacy and now they are a happy family of five! Their lovely family pictures on social media are just too adorable to look at.

Sunny Leone with Nisha

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2. Salim Khan – Arpita

Arpita is the adopted daughter of famous Indian film actor, producer, and screenwriter Salim Khan. It might seem hard to believe that she is an adopted child considering the fact how much she is loved by her siblings and parents. There is no denying that Arpita holds a special place in her family’s heart.

While some say it was Salma Khan who adopted Arpita others say that it was Salim’s second wife Helen who found Arpita on the streets and brought her home to provide shelter. Whatever may the truth is, what is praiseworthy is that Salim loves Arpita as much as he loves his three sons Salman, Arbaaz, Sohail, and daughter Alvira.

Salim Khan daughter Arpita

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3. Sushmita Sen – Renee & Alisah

When the talk is about an Indian celebrity who is raising an adopted child one can never opt out of mentioning the Bollywood diva and 1994 Miss Universe Sushmita Sen. The fact that she adopted her first girl child at the mere age of 25 is mind-boggling.

Raising her all by herself and later adopting another cute girl in the year 2010 we all can say with immense pride that Sushmita Sen is a true beauty icon not just from the outside but from the inside as well. Her single parenting has undoubtedly inspired a lot of folks all around the globe.

sushmita sen daughters adopted

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4. Mithun Chakraborty – Dishani

Mithun Chakraborty, a famous actor, producer, and politician sure is one of the prime examples of well-known Indian personalities who adopted a child. He already had three sons of his own named Mahaakshay Chakraborty, Namashi Chakraborty, and Ushmey Chakraborty and despite that, he went on to adopt a pretty little girl whom he named Dishani.

It is believed that Mithun Chakraborty and his wife Yogeeta Bali found this little girl in the garbage dump of West Bengal, and seeing the condition in which they found her wrecked their hearts completely. Thus, Mithun decided to adopt Dishani with proper legal procedures and Yogeeta was in complete support of this decision.

Mithun Chakraborty adopted daughter Dishani

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5. Raveena Tandon – Pooja and Chhaya

Star actress Raveena Tandon’s journey has been nothing but inspiring and path-breaking. A super famous heroine of her time, Raveena is a heroine in real life as well. At the mere age of 21, she adopted two little girls aged 11 and 8 and raised them herself.

While for everyone, her decision of adopting two girls at such a young age was somewhat inept, it was all-natural and perfect for Raveena. Being a proud single mom for quite a long time she eventually gave birth to two children Rasha and Ranbir.

Raveena Tandon with her adopted kids

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6. Subhash Ghai – Meghna

Maker of one of the most predominant films of Hindi cinema like Kalicharan, Vishwanath, and Hero along with many others, the man is not just an amazing director, producer, and screenwriter but also an amazing human being. He adopted a girl child named Meghna. He even sent her off to London for her studies. Subhash Ghai also has a beautiful biological daughter named Muskaan.

Subhas Ghai adopted daughter

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7. Nikhil Advani – Keya

A famous filmmaker and the co-founder of a motion picture production company named Emmay Entertainment, Nikhil Advani is a proud parent of her beautiful adopted child named Keya. Nikhil Advani adopted his little girl when she was just 4 years old, in 2006 with his wife Suparna. During that year he finished filming his movie Salaam-e-Ishq and said that I am a proud father and my daughter is a lot more important to me than my movies.

Nikhil Advani daughter Keya

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8. Kunal Kohli – Radha

One of the most established film directors, producers, and writers Kunal Kohli is not just well known for his marvelous works like that of Fanaa and Hum Tum but also for the fact that how he among many other celebrities has adopted a kid.

Kunal Kohli daughter Radha
Kunal Kohli/Instagram

He with his wife Raveena Kohli adopted a girl and also claimed that the adoption sure was a grueling process as the orphanage wanted to ensure that the child was given a warm household to live in. They named their daughter Radha and now after quite a struggle they are a sweet and happy little family.

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9. Dibakar Banerjee – Ira

Dibakar Banerjee another well-versed Bollywood director, producer, and screenwriter has been popularly known for filming some amazing advertisements. He for his amazing works like Khosla Ka Ghosla, Oye Lucky! Lucky Oye! has won various awards like National Film Award for Best Feature Film in Hindi, the Zee Cine Award for Most Promising Director, and a lot of others.

He deserves one more award for being the gem of a person as he with his wife is among few of those well-known personalities who took the decision of adopting a girl child and named her Ira.

Dibakar Banerjee daughter Ira

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10. Mandira Bedi – Tara

Famous Indian actress, fashion designer, and well-known television personality Mandira Bedi recently in the year 2020 adopted a little girl with her husband Raj Kaushal and named her Tara. While they already were blessed with a nine-year-old boy named Vir Mandira says that she and Raj were planning to adopt a child anyway because they yearned for a really long time. The fact that now Raj is no more is surely heart-wrenching but at least he did fulfill his and his wife’s wish and gave little princess Tara a home.

Mandira Bedi – Tara
Mandira Bedi/Instagram

Be it a celebrity or not such people who gave a child a forever home should always be appreciated and remembered.

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