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Everyone faces tough times, be it celebrities, even stardom doesn’t guarantee all-time success. All things come in pros and cons. The cons sometimes can be so big that they make you repay the price or even worse, get you bankrupt.

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Here are some of your favorite stars who faced misfortunes and touched the line of bankruptcy:

1. Preity Zinta

Preity Zinta tried to come back with a self-produced debut movie which was Ishkq in Paris, which did not do well at all. The movie flopped at the box office. This left the star at a complete loss. It was even reported that many of the crew members were not even paid. Salman Khan, one of Preity’s close friends and her co-actor in many hits, helped her out of this situation.

Preity Zinta Instagram

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2. Jackie Shroff

In an interview, actor Jackie Shroff confessed that back in 2008 he had to take a loan from a famous filmmaker and producer, Sajid Nadiadwala. When the time came to repay, the actor had trouble doing that. After many flops, Jackie was left in this difficult situation. Once again, Salman Khan helped him.

Jackie Shroff

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3. Shah Rukh Khan

SRK and his wife Gauri Khan gave their all while making the movie Ra.One, The Red Chillies production house gave a 150Cr budget for this film but the movie immediately failed at the box office. But SRK pulled himself out of the situation through his performance in Don 2 and Jab Tak Hai Jaan. The King of Romance indeed.

Shah Rukh Khan in Ra One

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4. Govinda

Being a successful actor also sometimes brings you to a stage where you can’t pay any more or do any work. Govinda was a good, successful, and hard-working actor. But after 3-4 years of being under the spotlight, he found himself in debt and came to a phase where he had a breakdown in front of the media. The Bhai of Bollywood again saved someone in debt, Govinda and Salman did the movie Partner and everything went well.


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5. Shilpa Shetty

The actor admitted she was short of money while making the Rajasthan Royals music video, Halla Bol. But soon things got better.

shilpa shetty rajasthan royal

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6. Amitabh Bachchan

Big B admitted during the new year of 2000 when the whole world was celebrating the arrival of the new decade, he was facing a tough time. He shared in a post,

“In the year 2000, when the entire world was celebrating the new century, I was celebrating my disastrous fortune. There were no films, no money and no company.”

His company, Amitabh Bachchan Corporation Limited (ABCL) was established in 1996 and was in a financial mess, in 1999 ABCL had to approach BIFR(Board of Industrial and Financial Reconstruction) and they rated the company as a sick company.

Big B was finally declared bankrupt and all his properties were mortgaged. It was reported he had a debt of 90 Crore, despite being a big star he had no films at hand. Later when he told this to Yash Chopra, he got the offer of Mohabbatein, and later he got back on track with Kaun Banega Crorepati.

Actors who went bankrupt

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7. Raj Kapoor

The movie, Mera Naam Joker gained worldwide praise but failed at the box office. Raj Kapoor was left bankrupt for the loss and everything he owned was mortgaged, from the studio of the film to all his assets. Rishi Kapoor once revealed,

“We were in severe problems. Then he made a film called Bobby with new boy and new girl, which was a huge risk after seeing the failure of Mera Naam Joker. But it became super hit and that is when his friends and my uncles insisted him to buy a house”

Mera Naam Joker Raj Kapoor

These actors had to work hard to get back on their feet.

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