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For films to work today, celebs need more than good performances and stories. It takes a lot of promotions and buzz to fill those footfalls in cinema halls. The audiences are supposed to be intrigued by your story even before they have watched the movie. Yeah, it requires a hell of work.

But few Bollywood celebs decided to opt out of the promotions and didn't take part in the publicity campaign for various reasons. Let's find out why. 

1. Irrfan Khan 

Irrfan Khan throughout his journey impressed cine-goers with his epic performances. But the actor disliked promotions and thought they were a waste of time. 

This (promotion) is a burden on filmmaking. We should have a limit on it and reduce the amount. Sometimes the ratio is 1:1. I think this is a waste of money. Because of the large money spent on promotion the film sometimes suffers, the director who has made a good film, the burden of promotion inevitably comes on the film. And the directors and actors are judged by the business the film is doing.

Irrfan also stepped out of the promotions of  Haider and asked the director to not use his name for publicity purposes.

2. Anushka Sharma

It is reported that Anushka decided not to promote her movie Pari as she was pretty confident about the story. Anushka and her brother Karnesh followed the no-promotion strategy to keep the plot intact for the audience. The film didn't have any promotional events or interviews.

3. Kangana Ranaut

Kangana decided to stay out of the promotion of Shootout At WadalaReports claim she was miffed as the film promoted item numbers starring Priyanka Chopra, and Sunny Leone, while she was the female lead in the film.

4. Bipasha Basu 

Bipasha Basu stepped out to promote her film Humshakals as her character in the film was dubbed.

This is to put an end to all the discussions around my absence for Humshakals promotions. I take full responsibility for getting into a film only on the basis of trust. But after dubbing for my character in the film, as I had professionally committed to do so I'm extremely disturbed by the end result of the same. In these circumstances, I didn't know how to promote a film with all honesty and that's why I thought it was better to stay away.

5. Aishwarya Rai Bachchan

When Aishwarya Rai was missing from the promotions of Ae Dil Hai Mushkil, many eyebrows were raised. The filmmakers clarified that as Anushka couldn't promote the film being the lead female and Ash alone promoting the movie would send out a wrong message to the audience.

6. Abhay Deol

 Abhay believes he wouldn't go to any lengths to promote a film and said:

One of my strongest beliefs is that if the film is a good watch, people will watch it. I just wouldn’t do anything to market my film.

7. Abhishek Bachchan 

While we know the Dhoom series always starred Abhishek in it. But when during the promotions of Dhoom 3 Abhishek went missing here's what he said about it:

You should ask the people who decide the marketing strategy which evidently isn't me. It is my film and wherever they ask me to come I will. Obviously, I want to stand by it. If they feel there are certain events where they don't want me to be around, what can I do about that. Do I feel bad for it?..No, I don't give attention to these things.

While sometimes it's the strategy and the rest depends on the celebs. 


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