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On Wednesday night, India and Afghanistan both experienced heartbreak at the hands of Pakistan. On one hand, Pakistan crashed Afghanistan out of Asia Cup 2022 from the Super Four stage. On the other hand, Afghanistan’s defeat also crashed India’s campaign in the tournament.

India and Afghanistan both finished the league stage unbeaten. However, they lost their opening two Super Four games.

But this Pakistan vs Afghanistan match was so much more memorable for everyone. While this match is unique in its own right for Pakistan and Afghanistan, it is also memorable for Indians. During the match, Indian cricket fans supported Afghanistan on social media and expressed their desire for them to defeat Pakistan.

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asif ali fareed ahmad
Mufaddal Vohra/Twitter

Among them is Amit Mishra, a former cricketer for India. He also openly expressed his support for Afghanistan in the match. But in reaction, he received so much criticism from the Pakistani public, and among them is actress Sehar Shinwari. But as we all know, Amit Mishra is not an amateur, neither in cricket nor on social media.

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So, he shut the actress out with his epic reply. The exchange between them has been the talk of the town. So, let’s find out what actually happened:

Amit Mishra replied to Sehar Shinwari in his own style

Amit Mishra, a former Indian player who has gained notoriety for his tweets on the social networking platform, attracted attention once more for a post that has gone viral.

Former Indian cricketer Amit Mishra expressed his support for Afghanistan on Twitter last Wednesday when Indian supporters were rooting for Afghanistan to defeat Pakistan and encouraging them on social media. In his tweet, Amit Mishra wrote,

“Will eat Afghani chaap whole week if Afganistan defeats Pakistan today. Fingers crossed. #AFGvsPAK”

However, the last-moment efforts of Pakistani batters prevented Afghanistan from winning the game. If Afghanistan had won, it would have made things simpler for India to qualify for the final. Mishra’s tweets followed a similar theme as he backed Afghanistan in their match with Pakistan in the hopes that India would advance to the championship game.

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amit mishra

Soon after Pakistan’s win, many trolls from Pakistan trolled Amit Mishra for his tweet, and among them was Pakistani actress Sehar Shinwari. She responded to Mishra’s post by telling him it was time to stop eating cow dung. She wrote,

“Awwww poor mishra will have to spend whole week on Cow Dung”

Sehar Shinwari
Sehar Shinwari/Twitter

That response sounds really impolite and unnecessary. It not only sounds so Hinduphobic but also very ridiculing.

In an effort to silence her, Amit Mishra quoted her tweet and wrote

“No, I have no plans of coming to Pakistan.”

His tweet went viral on social media and has become meme fodder for many memers. Many Pakistanis also criticized Shinwari for her Hinduphobic comments.

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But she didn’t stop there. She again commented on his post with his anti-Hindu approach. She commented,

“Pakistanis eat beef not dung”

Her tweet proves that she didn’t do this unintentionally. She did this intentionally to hurt the religious sentiments of society.

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