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 Koffee with Karan is returning with a new season after a gap of four years. While the show is famous for being a rich source of gossip, it has come under fire for stirring many controversies. Many celebrities have said a lot of mean things on the show, which were quite hurtful. Not just mean things, celebs have said a lot of sexist and regressive things that left many of us disgusted.

Here are some such instances from the show, when celebs didn’t shy away from making sexist statements for the sake of gossip and fun and made us cringe. We are sure you would find it hard to imagine that these actors got away with saying some of this stuff.

1. When Anil Kapoor body-shamed Shilpa Shetty

Image: Star One | Disney + Hotstar

KJo: Last face you saw that had a bad botox job.

Anil: I didn’t like the way Shilpa had done her lips during Badhai Ho Badhai… Her lips became bigger. Itne mote mote ho gaye the.

2. When Sanjay Dutt slut-shamed Kangana

Image: Star One | Disney + Hotstar

KJo: If you woke up one morning as Kangana, what would you do?.

Sanjay Dutt: Wear a salwar kameez.

3. When Ekta dissed every housewife (her target audience)

Image: Instagram

KJo: Which actress comes to mind for the TV series Desperate Housewives?

Ekta: All the housewives. All the filmi housewives.

KJo: They’re all desperate?

Ekta: Big time.

4. When Ekta body-shamed Dolly Bindra

KJo: Who needs to hire a personal trainer?

Ekta: Dolly Bindra. Today.

KJo: And a face-lift, I might add.

5. The most asked question on the show

Image: Star One | Disney + Hotstar

“Rate these actresses according to their sex appeal” – this is perhaps the most asked question on the show.

6. When Tusshar body-shamed Preity Zinta to win the hamper

Image: Instagram

When Tusshar was asked, which actress comes to his mind when he hears the word, ‘botox’. He was quick to blurt out, ‘Preity Zinta’. Although, he did apologize later. But does that apology even count?

7. When Sanjay Leela Bhansali had some strange ideas about women

Image: Star One | Disney + Hotstar

Sanjay Leela Bhansali: Women are supposed to be more interesting than men. They are the ones who lure you, who are attractive, who seduce you.

8. When Karan Johar fat-shamed Sonakshi Sinha

Image: Star One | Disney + Hotstar

KJo: The worst pick-up line used on you?

Sonakshi: Surprisingly, nobody’s ever used a pick-up line on me…Because I think they are aware of the fact that I have a shotgun at home.

KJo: And, also a while ago you were tough to pick up!

Can someone please tell KJo & Bollywood that Fat-shaming is neither cool or funny?

9. When Hardik Pandya made a series of sexist remarks

Image: Star One | Disney + Hotstar

“Why don’t you ask women’s names at nightclubs?” asked Karan. To which, Hardik replied saying he struggles in remembering the names of the women he interacts with during such parties. “I like to watch and observe how they move. I’m little from the Black side so I need to see how they move,” Pandya responded.

Further dwelling on his sex life, he suggested, “When I lost my virginity, I came home and said, Main karke aaya hai aaj (I did it today)”. He further highlighted, “At a party, my parents asked me acha tera wala (women) kaun sa hai (Which are your women)? I said yeh, yeh, yeh (pointing out women) and they were like waah proud of you beta,” 

10. When Karan Johar told Mallika that he can never play a girl-next-door role because she is always saucy and sexy!

Image: Star One | Disney + Hotstar

“Can you be a girl next door, Mallika? Can you really?? Even in Pyaar Ke Side Effects, there was kind of saucy, sexy vibe that ran through the film”, Karan said.

11. Emraan Hashmi flaunted his misogynist views

Image: Star One | Disney + Hotstar

“Has your wife just accepted the situation that you are a part of a lot of erotic films?”, asked KJo, to which, he replied, “We have a deal. I take her shopping and she swipes the card close to seven-digit number.”

12. When Kajol Casually Slut Shamed Her Peers

Image: Star One | Disney + Hotstar

How could we forget when famous actress Kajol slut-shamed every actress in the industry by saying, “They’re doing everybody!”

13. When SRK casually joked about child molestation

Image: Star One | Disney + Hotstar

KJo: I was talking to Deepika once and she said “I loved Kuch Kuch Hota Hai, I saw it when I was 11.” And, I almost died. That means she must have been about 7 or 8 when she saw Dilwale, Shahrukh.

SRK: Am I like child molesting in this film?

How could someone find it funny?

As Koffee with Karan returns with a new season, we hope makers would make sure that the show moves away from regressive, sexist and misogynist content. With changing times, the audience is changing and so should the makers!


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