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When we watch a series with our whole heart, soul, and even time, it’s heartbreaking to see it ending. (In Game Of Thrones’ case, a disappointing ending.) 

But the point is, we invest way too much in a series that when it ends, we really don’t know what to do with our life for some time. Until another comes and becomes one of our favourites.  

But there are certain serials that become so famous that spin-off series are created on their settings. And while we all fear that they’ll ruin the charm and precision of the originals, there are some spin-off series that end up exceeding our expectations.  

Here are 14 of such spin-off series that were almost as great as the originals, and you should watch them this weekend.

1. House Of The Dragon

While it’s too soon to say that House Of The Dragon would justify the legacy of Game Of Thrones, it’s trending at the moment, and people are absolutely loving it. The prequel is set 200 years before the time in Game Of Thrones and explores the fall of Targaryens when siblings Aegon II and Rhaenyra battle for the claim to the Iron Throne. 

2. Drake & Josh

Do you remember the hilarious sitcom featuring two stepbrothers with polar opposite personalities? Ahh! They made childhood better. Apparently, people consider Drake & Josh to be a spin-off from The Amanda Show that aired till 2002, when both the characters first appeared. 

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3. The Originals

Are you also intrigued with stories about vampires? Well, I definitely am! The Originals was created seeing the immense outpour of love for Klaus and the Mikaelson family in The Vampire Diaries. It follows Klaus’ return to the supernatural crucible in New Orleans, the town he had helped in building centuries ago.

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4. The Suite Life On Deck

Zack and Cody’s ‘suite life’ made life so much better. However, their story did not end in the Tipton Hotel because the twin brothers returned with a spin-off in The Suite Life On Deck. The spin-off show really justified the entertainment quotient of the original (if not exceeded). However, we missed Maddie!

5. Torchwood

Torchwood is a spin-off from one of the most famous sci-fi series of all time, Doctor Who. The popular spin-off series depicts Torchwood members, a.k.a. alien hunters, exploring extraterrestrial incidents on Earth.

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6. Frasier

Frasier is the highest-voted spin-off series on IMDb. It traces its origin from Cheers, a 1982 series that ran for 10 years. The spin-off show follows the life of Dr. Frasier Winslow Crane, who returns to his hometown, Seattle, to start afresh. On his radio show, Crane shares his wisdom and problems with family and work.


7. Young Sheldon

We all have seen and loved the atypical Sheldon Cooper in The Big Bang Theory. Its prequel Young Sheldon explores the childhood years of Sheldon. Set in 1989, the series follows the 9-year-old prodigy who jumps four grades to start high school while his family struggles to cope with his brilliant intellect.  

8. Star Trek: The Next Generation (1987)

The name Star Trek is enough to assure people about the quality of content. Star Trek: The Next Generation is a spin-off from the original Star Trek series that began the franchise in 1966. The spin-off is set 100 years after Captain Kirk’s mission with a new generation of Enterprise-D crew out for their exploratory mission.

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9. Family Matters

Family Matters was a spin-off that surpassed the popularity of the original show, Perfect Strangers. The spin-off follows the life of the Winslow family and their nerdy neighbour whose problematic inventions are testing the family’s patience and causing many mishaps. The hilarious American sitcom ran for 9 season.

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10. Angel

Again! For the vampire lovers out there, Angel is a spin-off from Buffy the Vampire Slayer. It follows the life of a Vampire who’s cursed with a soul. He becomes a saviour of a city in Los Angeles, gripped with supernatural elements. He seeks redemption while aiding the helpless ones.

11. The Facts Of Life

The Facts Of Life is a spin-off from Diff’rent Strokes. It revolves around housemother Edna Garret (who was the Drummonds’ housekeeper in the original series) as she guides a group of young girls in boarding school to navigate their delicate adolescence years. 


12. Better Call Saul

A spin-off series on Breaking Bad is a tough nut to crack, but Better Call Saul does the job exceptionally well. The series is set 6 years before Breaking Bad and follows the journey and transformation of a dedicated lawyer and former con artist, Jimmy McGill, into his sinister alter ego, Saul Goodman. 


13. Punisher

Spun-off from the events of DaredevilThe Punisher follows Frank Castle avenging the horrific murder of his family at the hands of cruel criminals. He becomes a vigilante called the ‘Punisher’ who sets out to bring justice to his family.

14. Xena: Warrior Princess

The show follows the story of Xena, the warrior from the popular series Hercules. The warrior princess seeks salvation from her past crimes against the innocent. She now uses her inherent fiery skills to aid the needful ones.  

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I’ll begin with rewatching my childhood pals Drake & Josh. Which one are you watching?


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