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 Bollywood has gifted us some amazing and inspiring characters but sadly, we couldn’t deny that it has given us way more unimaginably dumb characters as well. Earlier, we covered the dumbest women characters in Bollywood movies. And, now we are covering dumb men in Bollywood movies that break all kinds of records for stupidity and make us question our own sanity.

Here are 6 extremely dumb men in Bollywood movies that made it to our list:

Abhishek Bachchan’s ‘Jai’ in the Dhoom series

Overconfident & incompetent cop that takes help of extremely stupid mechanic (Udai Chopra) to catch a gang of extraordinary criminals, but has an IQ lower than him. He catches zero criminals & his overconfidence and incompetence makes him a laughing stock.

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SRK’s ‘Surinder’ AKA Raj in RNBDJ

If there was a pageant for celebrating stupidity, idiot Suri in Rab Ne Bana Di Jodi would have won it hands down. After failing at nurturing a healthy relationship with his new bride, he seeks advice from his barber to make her fall in love with him without ever trying to know her. How he assumes completely different identity to lure her into a fake affair, shows how good is his moral compass!

Saif’s ‘Gautam’ in Cocktail

Gautam’s life purpose is to get laid. He sees women as conquests. He lives with his girlfriend, enjoys her company and has fun with her. But, just because she doesn’t fit in the definition of a sanskaari woman, Gautam doesn’t feel any shame for falling for her best friend! He represents many toxic Indian men, who can sleep with multiple women, but when it comes to marriage, they want a virgin girl.

Salman’s ‘Lovely Singh’ in Bodyguard

Intelligent Divya (played by Kareena) builds her web of seduction in such a great manner that Lovely Singh (played by Salman Khan) is either seen loitering around or flirting with his ‘secret caller’ on the phone. Being always distracted, he fails to do the only task he was hired for i.e. to protect Divya! You can assess the stupidity quotient by how he claims to be madly in love with his caller, but gets catfished by her best friend instead. STUPID!

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Varun Dhawan as ‘Badri’ in Badrinath Ki Dulhania

Toxic masculinity, lack of emotional quotient, overconfidence and lack of ability to stay away from serious crimes on a foreign land, Badri is one hell of stupid and incapable character.

From stalking his almost-fiance who dumped him for her career, to following her to another country, to creating a nuisance in her area of residence, his act of kidnaping her tops the list of stupid acts.

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Shahrukh’s ‘Raj’ in Mohabbatein

From time to time, we have spoken about how all kinds of Rajs were regressive, misogynist and toxic. While we may have disliked all the Rajs, this particular one tops the list. This man is so stubborn to seek revenge for his dead girlfriend that he provokes his own students (also brainless) to break rules that will get them expelled from the college and would ruin their lives. While he does minimal about his actual job – teaching music, he indulges into a lot of nonsense that is unethical and stupid. While showing very little empathy towards Mr Narayan who also lost his daughter, he has no sense of responsibility towards his students and their future.

Image credits: Dharma Productions, Yash Raj Films 

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