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 Be it society or Bollywood movies, there is only one happy ending for women i.e. being married. Many say that Bollywood movies mirror our society. And, maybe that’s the reason why most Bollywood movies promote the idea of marriage as a happy ending for women. Breaking the stereotypes, there are some Bollywood movies that didn’t shy away from showing that marriage or love is not the only happy ending for female leads. Here are such empowering movies about single women that showcase women always don’t need marriage to feel complete:

7 Bollywood Movies Celebrating Single Women

1. Queen

Queen is a powerful movie that highlights a woman’s journey of discovering herself. Rani (Kangana Ranaut) is proof that “when things go wrong, cry not, gather your guts and fly away.” A soul-stirring movie in which an abandoned bride, instead of falling apart, chose to travel on her honeymoon alone and rediscover herself. This movie’s happy ending isn’t about marriage but rather a woman deciding to live life on her own terms.

2. Pagglait

Being one of the progressive Hindi movies, Pagglait touched many hearts! Sanya Malhotra’s power-packed performance makes it a must-watch. The story is about a widow, who lost her husband five months after marriage, but is unable to mourn it in the way society expects her to. Her carefree behavior and ambitions after her husband’s death irk those around her, but she still heads on to do what she wants. Rather than letting her family get her remarried, she moves to a new city and pursues her dream job. We loved how her happy ending was starting an independent life and not marriage.

3. Masaan

One is of Devi (played by Richa Chadha), who is caught having pre-marital sex in a hotel room. The man involved with her commits suicide immediately and while she’s left alone to deal with the after-effects. Devi is harassed by Inspector Mishra who threatens to frame her for her boyfriend’s suicide. He demands a hefty bribe that leads Devi and her father to miseries. And, when she finally pays off the Inspector’s debt, she decides to fulfill her dream of studying at the University. Another masterpiece that showed marriage isn’t always a happy ending.


4. Dear Zindagi

A movie that captures the beautiful journey of a woman reconnecting with her own soul and falling in love with herself. This movie is full of life that taught us to love ourselves first before falling in love with someone else. At the end of this beautiful movie, Kiara gets her happy ending as she mends her relationship with her parents and completes her movie.

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5. Gunjan Saxena

Inspired by a real story, Gunjan Saxena inspires every woman to never let society take away her dream! Irrespective of what society believes, this ordinary girl became the hero of the country! The movie is about women’s courage and self-confidence. This movie portrays how a woman confronted the patriarchal society and came out as a winner. Another beautiful movie, where a woman found her happy ending in achievements and not marriage.


6. Piku

Representing many millennial working women, Piku is a character we all related to. Like many of us, she was struggling with the societal pressure of marriage. But, she refused to bow down to it and remained confident about her life choices.

Image: Screengrab from Piku

7. Highway

Another movie, that showed the happy ending for women can be about standing for themselves. After Mahabir’s death, when Veera goes back to her family, she decides to break her silence. She opened up to her family about the childhood trauma that she had suffered all along. She finally gets her happy ending as she finds inner peace and self-acceptance.

Strong Female Characters Alia Bhatt Veera Highway
Image: Highway

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