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 There are a fair amount of Bollywood movies that are so horrible and atrocious that you would like to leave them midway. With horrible dialogues, ridiculous acting, and bad plots, you couldn’t believe that you put yourself through this torture.

Here are some Bollywood movies that are so awful and horrible that you’ll be laughing out in frustration. There are two types of people – who would keep these movies on “must never” watchlist or “movies-when-i-am-drunk” watchlist.

9 Bollywood Movies That Are SO Bad, They’re Good

1. Karzzzz

With an endless number of Zs, this movie is utter crap. Himesh Reshammiya is a bad actor and there is no polite way to say it. With overdramatic and ridiculous dialogues, this movie is an unintentionally funny watch!

Bad Movies That Are Good

2. Jaani Dushman

From the bride turning into a skeleton and killing the husband, this movie had everything that was horrible. From bad VFX to bad storyline to bad acting to bad direction, this movie deserves to be on the list of movies tailor-made to torture the audience. But, in case you are with friends or drunk, we are sure you will find this crappy movie really funny!


3. Radhe

Like many Salman Khan movies, this action movie is as pathetic as the pandemic. But in case you would like to enjoy senseless acting and pathetic dialogues, then this movie is an unintentionally funny watch!

Bad Movies That Are Good

4. Desh Drohi

This movie is a cringe-fest. KRK has a talent to make you rip your eyes out. You will be laughing hard when you are not supposed to be. After a while you will laugh at the makers, how could they be so stupid!

Bad Movies That Are Good

5. Race 3

“Bhai ki picture hai dimaag nahi lagana hai” is so true for many of Salmaan movies including Race 3. With nonsensical dialogues and unreal action sequences, this movie is pathetic. But as they say Bhai ki picture dil se dekhne ka, dimaag se nahin, you may LOL at times when you aren’t supposed to!

6. Drona

Do you remember Abhishek Bachchan said he regretted filming it and we totally agree! We are sure as soon as you watch the movie, you couldn’t stop laughing at how stupid the movie is.

7. Baaghi 3

Another Tiger Shroff movie that has senseless action and no storyline. With no acting skills, Tiger Shroff makes an attempt to win your heart with acrobatic skills and his chiselled six-packs, but fails miserably.


8. Student of the year 2

Tiger Shroff, Ananya Pandey, Tara Sutaria, Karan Johar… do we need to say anything? Every scene would make you feel arrey bhai yeh kyun banayi?


9. Love Story 2050

A remake of HG Wells’ Time Machine, Love Story 2050 is too long and unnecessary cheesy. In this movie, a guy makes use of a time machine, to meet the reincarnated version of his girlfriend, who dies in her previous life. The movie flopped as it failed in showing a love story or the world in 2050. Clearly intended as a star vehicle for Harmen Baweja, both the actor and the movie failed to impress. The Special Effects are not worth the hype. With ridiculous villain cropping up suddenly out of nowhere makes this movie mind-bogglingly pathetic!


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