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 The one thing that Bollywood is an expert at is giving us bad movies romanticizing all the toxic aspects of relationships in name of love. From glorifying emotional and physical abuse to celebrating toxic characters as heroes, Hindi films are far away from portraying a healthy relationship. So, we have compiled some terrible movies that managed to teach us a thing or two about toxic relationships. 

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It is quite unfortunate how this movie aims to romanticize a situation where the protagonist needs professional help. The movie shows the male protagonist (Ranbir Kapoor) struggle with his emotions. But, rather than seeking professional help, the movie continues to dwell upon his messy relationship. It is sad how makers fail to understand that it isn’t the partner’s duty to fix the lover’s mental well-being. No matter how much, one may want to help their partners, no amount of love or commitment can take place of therapy or professional help.

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One takeaway from this problematic movie is that no matter how great a love story is, love isn’t an alternative to professional help for one’s mental well-being.

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Namastey London

Starring Katrina Kaif-Akshay Kumar, the movie revolves around a girl, Jazz (played by Katrina), who is born and brought up in London. But, sadly, she is constantly vilified by her own father for not being ‘desi’ enough. It is sad how Namastey London ridicules consent and completely dismisses a woman’s right over her own life. How the movie promotes Jazz’s father tricking her into an arranged marriage in name of sanskaar and parents’ love is simply ridiculous. It is disgusting how the lead character makes endless attempts to make a woman fall in love with him even after she has said no multiple times. What the makers promoted as love, is nothing but creepiness. 

One takeaway from this problematic movie is that don’t be a creep. If the other person isn’t interested in you, let go. Because forcing someone to be in love with you isn’t love; it’s toxicity. 

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Rehnaa Hai Terre Dil Mein

This super-hit problematic movie got everything wrong about love. One very important takeaway from this problematic movie is that the stalker (R. Madhavan’s character) who lies about his entire identity and builds the relationship on lies, can’t be your soulmate or a life partner. Tell him to buzz off!  

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Ae Dil Hai Mushkil

In another Bollywood movie, the stubborn hero (Ranbir Kapoor) refuses to understand the meaning of the word No. The movie revolves around a man, who falls in love with a girl (Anushka Sharma). But the girl makes it clear that she only wants to be friends with him. Unable to face rejection, the man demeans the girls. And, till the end, makes multiple attempts to make the dying girl fall in love with him. The movie attempts to justify toxic behaviors in the name of love.

One takeaway from this problematic movie is to give up on the burden of a friendship that’s clearly run its course. Stop running after people to make them fall in love with you. Fall in love with yourself and let things go.

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Tere Naam

This movie is a reminder of how Bollywood struggles to understand the meaning of love. This movie promotes extreme possessiveness and male toxicity in name of love. We fail to understand how a female lead (Bhumika Chawla) can fall in love with this toxic character (Salman Khan), who inflicts so much trauma on her.

One takeaway from this movie is to run away from the man who believes that it is his birthright to control you! Possessiveness is not the same as that of love. Period!

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‘Gori Tere Pyaar Mein’

Featuring Kareena Kapoor Khan and Imran Khan, the plot of this Bollywood movie is very problematic. The movie focuses on bringing together an estranged couple who always had differences of opinion. Imran plays a self-centered man, who tries to bridge the gap between the two and succeeds. While this problematic movie may have promoted this relationship, it makes many of us wonder would two people who couldn’t see eye to eye manage to have a healthy relationship?  And, you know the answer.

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So, one takeaway from this problematic movie is to learn to let go. Some relationships are not meant to be. Opposites attract is the worst marriage advice. ‘Opposites attract’ is a total myth in relationships –  and you should seek a partner whose values and belief systems are aligned with yours!

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Kabir Singh, Raanjhanaa, & Others


Bollywood has countless movies that promote toxicity, glorify stalking, and romanticize abuse and misogyny. One important takeaway from such problematic Bollywood movies is: When it comes to love, don’t trust Bollywood. Don’t let Bollywood fool you to believe that toxicity, abuse, and possessiveness are shades of Love.

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