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Singer KK’s sudden death on 31st May, 2022 left the whole country shocked. KK, also known as the voice of love, died soon after performing at a concert in Kolkata. While Singer KK received so much love for his talent, one of the people who stood by him in the darkest phase of his life is his wife – Jyoti. KK had once shared how his wife – helped him overcome the most difficult phase in his life. He also shared how his wife played a really important part in his career as she pushed him to shift his base from Delhi to Mumbai in 1994.

Scroll down to read KK’s love story – from meeting  Jyoti in school to staying in love till the last breath.

Image: Hindustan Times, NavBharat Times

KK: The One Woman Man!

While for many of us, it’s KK who defined love with his songs, for him it’s his childhood sweetheart and wife Jyoti. KK first met Jyoti when they were in sixth grade. From school life till his last breath, KK was very much in love with Jyoti. He was a true One Woman Man!

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While talking about his childhood love story KK had said, ‘I have dated a girl and she is my wife Jyoti. I was too shy, so I couldn’t even date her the way I wanted to. My children also used to tease me about this matter…’

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KK’s Love Story: His Childhood Sweetheart Jyoti

KK and Jyoti, who were together since childhood, got married in 1991. As marriage comes with its own set of responsibilities, KK decided to find a job for himself. Unfortunately, when he did not get anything of his choice, he took the job of a salesman. Post which, the couple tied the knot.

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But, within 6 months, KK was extremely troubled by his job. Due to the support of his wife and father, he left his job. After leaving the job, KK bought a keyboard and started making jingles with his friends Shibani Kashyap and Saibal Basu. While the three received many paid assignments, KK was not particularly happy with it.

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KK’s Lowest Phase In Life

And, during this low phase in his life, the one person who helped him find his missing happiness was his wife – Jyoti. Jyoti pushed KK to shift his base from Delhi to Mumbai in 1994. Soon after shifting to Mumbai, KK had his breakthrough with his first album Pal in 1999. He also had his first Bollywood hit with Salman Khan-Aishwarya Rai-starrer Hum Dil De Chuke Sanam. His song Tadap Tadap was an instant hit. 

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KK’s strongest pillar of strength: Jyoti, his wife

Sharing the reasons behind his move from Delhi to Mumbai, KK said in 2013, “It was a very stagnant existence that I was leading. I was doing jingles, producing jingles, advertising, and all that. But there was only that much I could do. I was getting to a dead end. I had got married just three years ago and my wife Jyoti became the reason for me to move to Bombay.”

As per Hindustan Times, he further added:   “She made me take a decision which on my own I would not have taken. She helped me get out of a certain state of mind, she continues to do that even now. It worked well for me that I got married before I settled down and she helped me in settling down.”

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In times, when many people are losing faith in love and marriage, KK and Jyoti’s love story is a reminder of true love. As KK’s wife Jyoti and their two children, son Nakul Krishna Kunnath and daughter Tamara Kunnath struggle with the heartbreaking news of KK’s sudden death, we pray for them.

Happy Birthday, KK! We Will Miss You, KK! You will always have our hearts!


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