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 No one can deny how Indian TV, which has an impact on so many people across the country, is not only regressive but stupid too. The declining quality of Indian Television Serials has been a topic of debate for quite some time now. From being the promoter of patriarchy to being deeply rooted in stupidity, Indian soap operas have left many disappointed.

From showcasing ‘accidental marriages’ to ‘laptop washing’ to ‘degrading women’ to ‘comedy full of sexism’, Indian television shows have lost the charm that they had in yesteryears. Gone are the days, when we had serials like ‘Hum Log’, ‘Shanti’, ‘Buniyaad’, which were not only well written, but also inspired millions of people. And, now we have Indian soap operas, which are a different breed altogether. Rather than inspiring people with meaningful content, they come up with absurd illogical stupid script ideas!

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A few days back, we shared the list of Indian TV shows that need to be boycotted for their regressive thought process. And, we have compiled a few stupid scenes from Indian TV serials that show why you need to stop watching them. So here you go.

1. Gopi Bahu washing her husband’s laptop because apparently we, women, are so dumb.

2. The scene captured two men aiming for the moon and breaking a part of it because their lady love demands them to do so. While one of the men tries to ‘break’ the moon by using some sort of laser, the other literally drives up to the moon in his car. RIP Logic!


3. In this stupid scene, a doctor is seen struggling to save the life of a patient, while the patient’s wife is praying in one corner. However, what caught everyone’s attention was not the patient or the doctor, but the green scrubber brush that the doctor is seen using on the show.

4. A woman tripping into a suitcase and traveling across the world because no machine could figure out there was a human inside the suitcase but not a set of clothes. And, she never got into her senses.

5. Woman strangling herself with curtain: Another attempt by Indian TV serials to show how stupid a woman could be. In this particular scene, a woman is trying to strangle herself with a curtain!

6. Couple accidentally getting married (watch for yourself)

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7. Gorilla falling in love with Thapki in Thapki Pyar Ki.

8. Dupatta Scene That Failed Logic & Physics

The incomprehensible scene sees the female lead, Swaran, throw her dupatta across her shoulders only for it to accidentally get stuck in a nearby fan. The stuck dupatta begins to choke her as the noose tightens around her neck. The male lead, Ajit, is then seen crying out for help, which never arrives. A woman in the scene can be seen trying to switch off the fan but she, too, fails to do so. Swaran continues to struggle making the scene extremely dramatic.  The absurdity has evoked many questions, the most obvious being why didn’t the woman, as a reflex action, turn her head or free the other end of the dupatta?

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R.I.P Logic! 


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