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 When we were broken, they picked us up. When we were sad, they cheered us up. And, when we couldn’t trust ourselves, they pushed us to believe in our dreams. Fathers are the pillars of our lives and sadly, we hardly appreciate them for what they do.

As father’s day is around the corner, here are some of the best Bollywood scenes that show how special fathers are.

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1. Fathers Who Taught Us To Be Our Own Person

Image: Sony Liv

2. Fathers Who Fought Against Regressive Norms For Us

Image: Netflix
Image: Netflix

3. Fathers Who Stood By Us No Matter What

Image Courtesy: Amazon Prime Video

4. Fathers Who Taught Us To Fight Against Unfair Society

Image: Netflix

5. Fathers Who Are Our Biggest Cheerleaders

Image: Sony Liv

6. Fathers Who Let Us Lead Our Lives Our Way

Image Courtesy: Amazon Prime Video

7. Fathers Who Raised Us To Respect Ourselves

Image: Sony Liv

8. Fathers Who Inspired Us To Fight For Our Dreams

Image: Netflix

We want to celebrate these thankless souls, who strive so hard, to make sure we get the best.


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