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 Though Saif Ali Khan has been called out for making tone-deaf statements in the past, he has also been admired for the instances when he gave us some real-life gems. At times when celebrities refrain from speaking their mind, Saif Ali Khan doesn’t shy away from saying things that he firmly believes in. These Saif Ali Khan’s candid statements will definitely make you believe that he is as wise as he is cool.

1. On the culture of idolizing Bollywood celebrities, this is what Saif had to say:

In an interview, he said: “If we’re going to idolize someone, we should probably idolize a non-famous person next door who has managed to send his kids to school.”

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2. Speaking on the importance of drawing a line between stardom and reality, Saif expressed:

During the interview, he mentioned: “I didn’t want to be part of the rat race. I didn’t want to compete with anybody. I couldn’t benefit from someone else’s failure. So why not just do your bit & chill. It’s important to draw a line between stardom and reality.”


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3. Saif’s insightful thoughts about death and the relevance of art

During the interview, he said: “My father died and it taught me that all this is going to end in a hospital room with tubes in you. Everything is driven by the fact that we are going to die. That’s why art is great because you’re capturing a moment, freezing time and defying oblivion.”


4. Rather than preaching how to keep the spark alive in a marriage, Saif spoke about the importance of self-love!

While talking about keeping the spark alive, he said: “I think you should not be pressured about keeping the spark alive. It’s a really scary thing. Sometimes, it’s okay. You got to find ways to keep your own spark alive.”

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5. Addressing being privileged, Saif pressed on the importance of creating a balance.

“There is so much disparity that privileged people have to use their position to give something to the less privileged. We are very lucky if we’re well off in life. It’s our duty to share some of that.”


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6. During an interview with Simi Garewal, Saif was asked if men look for qualities of their mothers in the women they love. To which he said:

“When a guy says he looks for his mother, it means someone who will love him no matter what. It’s not really an Oedipus thing. It’s also the woman you respect the most.”


7. In an interview with the media platform, he spoke about how sometimes two parents being together might not be the best thing!

“Parents are a strange thing. You’d like to think of them as together but they are individual units as well. Sometimes having two parents together might not be the best thing.”

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8. While giving credit to his ex-wife Amrita Singh for directing him toward the right path, Saif showed how separation doesn’t need to be bitter.

“I was a little western, didn’t tell the lines as they were, and I wasn’t very good. I didn’t understand how serious things are. I have to give Amrita, my ex-wife, credit because she taught me to take all this seriously. She said, “You can’t hit a target if you’re laughing at it.””


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So, incredible and progressive statements! Aren’t they?


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