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 We are remembering some of the talented foreign actors who took away our hearts with their charming appearances in Bollywood movies. We hope we will soon catch them on screen again.

Foreign actors in Bollywood
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1. Martin Henderson as Will Darcy

When we watched Bride and Prejudice, Martin Henderson floored many of us. He looked so perfect for the role of Will Darcy, that we couldn’t imagine Lalita landing up with anyone else. Martin, who is a New Zealand actor, was also seen as Dr. Nathan Riggs in the famous TV series Grey’s Anatomy.

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2. Mish Boyko as Oleksander a.k.a. Sikander

Mish Boyko, who was one of Rani’s 3 hostel friends, charmed many of us with his cute looks. Rani may not have fallen for him, but many of us surely did. Other than Queen, Boyko has also appeared in some British movies (Dracula Untold) and TV series (The Tunnel). Dear Bollywood, could you please cast him again?

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3. Marco Canadea as Marcello

Other than Mish, Marco Canadea also floored us in the movie Queen. He was the Italian chef, who gave Rani her first kiss. He also appeared in the movies like Rush and Streaker. We hope Bollywood is listening to us!

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4. Alice Patten as Sue McKinley

While talking about impressive foreign actors in Bollywood, how could we not mention Alice Patten, who played the role of Sue, in Range De Basanti? Not just Rang De Basanti, the talented Alice Patten also appeared in TV series like Jonathan Creek, Merlin, etc., and plays like Hamlet.

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5. Giselli Monteiro as Harleen Kaur

Giselli Monteiro played a brief role in Love Aaj Kal and also landed a role in Always Kabhi Kabhi. The movie failed at the Box Office and Giselli quit acting to pursue architecture.

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6. Rebecca Breeds as Stella

In Bhaag Milkha Bhaag, many of us adored Stella. Rebecca Breeds also appeared in movies like Three Summers and popular series like Pretty Little Liars and The Originals.

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7. Clive Standen as Charlie Brown

In Namaste London, Clive Standen played the role of Charlie Brown, who was Jazz’s (Katrina Kaif) boyfriend. While he may have played a negative character, we would love to see him more. He has been part of popular series like Vikings and also appeared in the movie Patient Zero.

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8. Rachel Shelley as Elizabeth Russell

Rachel Shelley won so many hearts when she played the role of Elizabeth Russell, who helped Bhuvan to defeat English men in cricket. While we may know her for Lagaan, Rachel has also appeared in many movies and shows.

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9. Mehdi Nebbou as Laurent

In English Vinglish, many of us fell for the French chef. Didn’t we? He was so adorable that we all wanted Shashi (Late Sridevi) to be with him. Not just English Vinglish, this accomplished actor has appeared in many movies like Witnesses, We Monsters, and popular series like Homeland.

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