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 BTS: SUGA aka Min Yoongi's marriage proposals get to next level, fan wants to meet his parents in Daegu? Here's what happened

BTS member SUGA is synonymous with Marry Me Yoongi. Well, the same thing happened during the Chuseok VLive done by the Bangtan Boys. All of them were seen wearing hanboks for the same. BTS got a number of marriage proposals and this time even Jimin was included. Jin teased SUGA asking him why was he marrying so many times? The joke has now become a little too old, and even SUGA has a bland expression when he reads Marry Me Yoongi. But this time RM aka Kim Namjoon added more spice to the conversation. This is what happened... 

RM said jokingly that they person who wrote Marry Me Yoongi plans to get into action from Chuseok. He said that the person will plan a visit to Daegu to meet Yoongi's parents. Hearing that, SUGA aka Min Yoongi said that a person should not do that. RM says the fans will go all the way to Daegu. SUGA aka Min Yoongi said his parents would be surprised if people indeed turned out like that at their doorstep. The handsome musician also spoke about Chuseok and how they waited for the red envelope that had allowance money. They discussed that now they have to give cash, and how inflation had made everything so costly.

Fans are having fun seeing Jimin's reaction after hearing that people will go to Daegu. SUGA aka Min Yoongi spent some days in his home town of late. It was a family holiday. He also shared pics of the same on his Instagram.

Well, the members have always had a field day teasing one another. BTS will be performing in Busan as part of the World Expo Bid. ARMYs are in two minds about the concert given issues like safety and financial benefit for the Bangtan Boys.


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