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 In the list of Bollywood’s progressive & supportive fathers, we have a new entry. This time, joining the league is Maanvi’s father, Mohinder Brar, played brilliantly by Kanwaljit Singh in the movie – Chandigarh Kare Aashiqui.

Directed by Abhishek Kapoor, this movie has taken a baby step in showcasing the powerful story of the LGBTQ+ community. Vaani Kapoor and Ayushmann Khurrarana starrer is an unconventional love story of Manu, a Punjabi fitness trainer and Maanvi, an empowered trans woman.

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While the casting of a cis girl in the trans woman role left the audience divided, no one can deny that the makers handled the subject with sensitivity.

One thing that touched many is the portrayal of a progressive and supportive father, who supported his child against all the odds.

Maanvi Brar, Vaani Kapoor’s character, leans on her father, Mohinder Brar, when her mother refuses to approve of her daughter’s transformation. Played by Kanwaljit Singh, Maanvi’s father is one of the finest Bollywood characters.

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Despite the whole family’s disapproval, which includes Maanvi’s own mother, Mohinder Brar supports Maanvi unconditionally!

In the few minutes of screen-time that Kanwaljit’s character had, he was shown as a father coming to terms with his daughter’s transition. Unlike many, he chose to support his child rather than make their life difficult. He chooses to accept his daughter and her new identity.

He also let her know how much proud he is of her as she refuses to live a life that society expected her to! He stands as a pillar of strength for her so that she can fight her battles.

In a scene, Maanvi’s father mentions how he feels helpless as he cannot do anything for his daughter. But, Maanvi quickly replies that he doesn’t need to stand as a shield for her. His presence next to her is the biggest strength he can provide as a father.

We are happy that Bollywood has given us some really supportive and progressive father characters in recent times. We hope this powerful inspiring trend will continue and we will be able to see more supportive and progressive father characters like Mohinder Brar!


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