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Tanushree Dutta says Nana Patekar sexually harassed her

Former Miss India and Bollywood actress Tanushree Dutta had just opened up a shocking story, which nobody saw it coming. The 34-year-old actress revealed that Nana Patekar has always been disrespectful towards women. She said adding that she was the victim of harassment by actor Nana Patekar over ten years ago on the sets of the 2009 film Horn ‘Ok’ Pleassss.

Tanushree Dutta had been away from India for a while now and then she returned to the country in July this year. It was when the avid fans were eagerly waiting for her stellar rebound on the silver screen and the Aashiq Banaya Aapne actress opened up about being harassed by Nana Patekar. In a recent interview with Zoom TV, she was harassed by actor Nana Patekar on the sets of 2009 film Horn ‘Ok’ Pleassss.

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When Tanushree made headlines for controversial reasons, catch details

In the interview, Tanushree claimed that industry insiders already knew about the real incident but didn’t let out to anyone about it. She was on to add that the experienced actor has also been quite disrespectful towards women on the sets of films.

“Everyone knows about Nana Patekar that he has always been disrespectful towards women. People in the industry know that he has beaten actresses, he has molested them. His behaviour with women has always been crude but no publication has printed anything about it,” she said.

She added, “Everyone has gossiped about this but have never spoken. People with this kind of character speak like this against the kind of character that I have because they say she does glamourous roles so must be glamorous and all.

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Behind the back, they are so dirty. When you are in the industry you hear so many stories about these actors. But these things never take surface because they are PR packaged very well. They will give some money to some poor farmers. How much they do and how much they don’t, no one knows. But all this is just for show.”

As per the 2008 Times of India report, Tanushree lodged a case with Cine and Television Artistes Association (CINTAA) for damage to her property and reputation. After she opened up the matter of Nana Patekar’s misconduct, she was then replaced by Rakhi Sawant in the movie. She then said about Patekar, “The less said about him, the better. If a co-star behaves in the manner he did with me, others will definitely take us for granted.”

Tanushree hits back at Rakhi’s claims, says she’s nether a Drug Addict nor a Lesbian

Tanushree Dutta has come under fire recently as she was accused by Rakhi Sawant of raping her several times, according to a report by Bollywood Hungama.

“I am too embarrassed to say this but I was raped twelve years ago. Being a girl, I shouldn’t even use this word (rape). I am ashamed, upset and hurting while telling this story,” she stated.

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She went on to state that “I want to tell the world that this disgusting incident has taken place with me, not just once but several times. I am afraid to take names because I am getting threats of murder and gang-rape. I have even filed a complaint to the police.”

“Tanushree was my best friend. She forced me into drugs. I was naive and innocent,” she added.

Tanushree strikes back!

Issuing a strong statement against Sawant’s unpleasant claims, Tanushree said,

“For those uninitiated in the art of guerrilla war tactics: Smear campaigns never run fair or square. So just to set the record straight: I’m not a drug addict, I don’t smoke or drink and I’m most definitely not a lesbian.”

Tanushree added how, “too much of a woman for this patriarchal and misogynistic cesspool to handle” and that’s the reason why Rakhi is making “perverted character assassination attempts” to silence her, she said.

“It’s clearly not working. Let’s not make a jokery (sic) of such a serious movement that can potentially bring positive changes of mindset in our society,” she added.

Director asked me to remove clothes and dance in front of them- Tanushree Datta

After laying the blame on Nana Patekar of sexually harassing her a decade ago on the sets of Horn OK Pleassss movie, Tanushree Dutta has sparked yet another controversy by claiming that her director was not good either. The 34-year-old actor has now revealed that Vivek Agnihotri who is the director of her 2005 film Chocolate: Deep Dark Secrets, had once asked her to remove her clothes in a bid to help co-star Irrfan execute the scene well.

“This guy (Vivek Agnihotri) wanted me to give cues to an actor (Irrfan Khan). It was not even my shot. It was the actor’s close-up and he had to just look at something and give expressions. This director, he told me jao jaake kapde utaar ke naacho, usko cues do,” Tanushree told DNA.

However, Irrfan immediately ignored Agnihotri for his misconduct, said Tanushree. “The actor was horrified. And because he had done some work, he could say something. He just told the director, ‘What are you talking about? I can give my close-up. Mujhe acting aati hai’,” she said.

“…The male actor had to shoot back at the director saying, ‘I don’t need her to take off her coat and dance for me to give facial expressions. This was Irrfan Khan. I really appreciated that he actually spoke up like that because it was his close-up shot. I’m not in the frame.

He had to look at me and give some expressions. Why do I have to dance in front of him for him to give expressions on his close-up shot. This director tells me ‘jao jaake kapde utaar ke naacho’. I was shocked,” Tanushree added.

By chance, Suniel Shetty, who was also a part of the movie and was on set at the time. Seeing this, he came to Tanushree’s rescue. “Suneil Shetty also spoke up. He was also there, he heard it and he got offended by it. He was like, ‘Main aaun kya wahaan cues dene ke liye?’ Yeah of course, there are good people in the industry. Both, Irrfan Khan and Suniel Shetty spoke up. Suneil scolded that guy,” Tanushree said.


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