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It is very common in Bollywood that the original choice for a movie may be different actors. Generally, it happens when actors either reject the movie or are replaced due to some reason. Here are 5 such super hit movies, which were rejected by actors:

1. Ram Leela

Do you know Ranveer’s role was first offered to Ranbir? At the same time, Ranveer was offered Bombay Velvet. This was the time when Ranbir had back-to-back unsuccessful movies at the box office and he desperately needed a hit. But, things took a different turn as the movies got swapped. While Ranbir got starred in Bombay Velvet and Ranveer in Ram Leela. And, as we all know, Ram Leela turned into a blockbuster while Bombay Velvet tanked at the box office.

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2. Andhadhun

Andhadhun is one of the best performances of Ayushmaan Khurrana. The movie achieved new milestones and broke multiple records. But, do you know it was originally offered to Harshvardhan Kapoor. But, he turned it down as he was busy with other projects and couldn’t dedicate the time for this. Well, we must say, Ayushmann didn’t disappoint us at all. He turned this movie into a memorable one.

3. Piku

Piku is one of the finest movies of all time. Based on a heartwarming story of a father-daughter duo, this movie is a favorite of so many. While Deepika Padukone won so many accolades for Piku, do you know she wasn’t the first choice for the character of Piku? Yes, Parineeti Chopra was the first choice for the character of Piku. During an interview, Parineeti expressed her regret at not being able to do the film. “I didn’t really turn down the film… There was some confusion. I was going to do another film at the same time and then that film also didn’t happen, so it was my loss.”

4. Yeh Jawani Hai Deewani

Another memorable movie, Yeh Jawani Hai Deewani, may be a super-hit, but do you know Deepika’s character Naina was first offered to Katrina Kaif. But Katrina rejected the movie as things weren’t great between her and her ex-beau. Additionally, she was extremely busy with other projects.

5. Munnabhai MBBS

On its release, Munnabhai MBBS turned into a national craze. Murli Prasad of Munnabhai of MBBS became so popular that it felt that no one could have done this role better than Sanjay Dutt. But, do you know during the scripting stage, the role was first offered to Viveik Oberoi. Though, the actor later regretted missing out on the project because of his busy schedule. But, just imagine, how things would have been different for Vivek Oberoi.

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