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Superstition is an intriguing and unusual genre when it comes to web series. So, in case, you would like to explore the unconventional genre of Indian Superstitions, here’s the list of shows that you must watch. Yes, these supernatural thrillers discuss superstitions in their own unique way and make an attempt to portray them onscreen with a dash of thrill.

Here are 7 such impressive Indian web shows based on superstitions:

1. Sacred Games (IMDb: 8.5 | Netflix)

Sacred Games is one of the most popular Indian web series. Inspired by Vikram Chandra’s novel of the same name, the series is directed by Anurag Kashyap. The series’ plot revolves around the interaction between the inspector Sartaj Singh and the crime lord Ganesh Gaitonde, who is set to destroy Mumbai city. With talented actors like Nawazuddin Siddique, Radhika Apte, Saif Ali Khan, Kalki Koechlin, and Pankaj Tripathi, this show became quite a hit among the audience. The series draws inspiration from various aspects of Hindu mythology and also develops some of its own philosophical ideas. The show’s unexpected twists will leave you entertained throughout. In case you haven’t watched it, give this show a try!

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2. Asur (Voot Select | IMDb: 8.4)

A unique crime thriller that pits two opposing worlds against each other. The less explored, intricate world of forensic science and the deep mysticism of ancient Indian Mythology. This thriller was a huge success when it was first launched in 2020. Starring Arshad Warsi, Barun Sobti, Ridhi Dogra, and Anupriya Goenka, the show will soon return with Season 2.

Image: Voot

3. Pataal Lok ( IMDb: 8.0 | Prime Video)

A down-and-out cop lands the case of a lifetime when four suspects are nabbed in the assassination attempt of a journalist. This pursuit leads him to ‘Paatal Lok’, and to shocking discoveries in the past of the four suspects. This web series is an immersive journey through a familiar and imaginative version of hell on earth, full of twists and twisted people. This series stars Jaydeep Ahlawat, Neeraj Kabi, Gul Panag, Abhishek Banerjee, Rajesh Sharma, and numerous other outstanding actors.

4. Aashram (IMDb: 7.3 | MxPlayer)

One of the most successful crime thrillers in recent times, this Bobby Deol-starrer is about a godman and the inner workings of a great con he pulls off. The series captures how this godman blindsides his followers to gain political power and becomes unreachable.

5. Dahan (IMDb: 7.2 | Disney+Hotstar)

A disgraced IAS Officer, played by Tisca Chopra, sets out to vindicate herself and takes up a strange case in Shilaspura, a land with occult practices. In ancient times, Shilaspura was cursed by a sorcerer, Ridhiyakan, who was deceitfully beheaded. As per the legend, he is still imprisoned in a mound called Shilasthal, and if anyone disturbs the knoll, he will destroy everything in a split second.

IAS officer discovers that the rare minerals in Shilaspura’s mines could make the village prosperous. To unearth these minerals, she initiates a series of horrific incidents, embarking on an inner journey in midst of a strained relationship with her young son.

Source: Disney+ Hostar

6. Ghoul (Netflix | IMDb: 7)

In a totalitarian near-future India, a mysterious prisoner is sent to a remote military interrogation center where he turns the tables on his captors by exposing their most shameful secrets and unleashing a demon from folklore. It was initially intended to be a movie but was later released as a mini-series. There are only three episodes in this mini-series.

Image: Netflix

7. Leila (Netflix I IMDb: 5)

This spine-chilling web series is inspired by Prayaag Akbar’s Leila. The show revolves around a woman named Shalini, who is on a hunt to find her lost daughter in a dystopian society where caste and religious orthodoxy are defined by an oppressive religious dictatorship.

Which is your favourite? 

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