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Adipurush has become one of the most controversial movies of all time. Considering the movie is based on the mythological epic Ramayana, fans had a plethora of expectations from the movie. However, it is safe to say that the movie worked out for the worst and has utterly disappointed the fans. Not just the VFX, depiction, or dialogues, fans are even criticizing some of the castings now. One of the prominent ones is none other than Saif Ali Khan portraying Lankesh.

1. Rana Daggubati

Rana Daggubati is popularly known for giving several hit movies down south. However, the one thing that he is more popular for is portraying negative characters. His portrayal of Bhallaladeva in the 2015 blockbuster movie Baahubali is a testament to it. His nerve-wracking performance is still living in the hearts of many. As per popular opinion, he could have been better suited for Lankesh in Adipurush.


2. Ranveer Singh

If we have to give the title of “the most versatile actor from B-town” we would give it to none other than Ranveer Singh. Be it the portrayal of a soft guy, funny guy, loving guy, or negative guy Ranveer Singh can do it all. This house of power did an exceptional performance in Padmaavat as he portrayed the role of Sultan Alauddin Khilji. It would be a shame to not put him in the category of better-suited actors for Lankesh.


3. Ashutosh Rana

Ashutosh Rana is one of those actors who does negative roles with such brilliance that it sends chills down your spine. The audience enjoys seeing him doing negative roles. For all the right reasons? Indeed for all the right reasons. He definitely would have aced the role of Lankesh had he been given the chance in place of Saif Ali Khan.


4. Sanjay Dutt

Be it Kancha Cheena from Agneepath or Daroga Shuddh Singh from Shamshera we know that Sanjay Dutt can portray the negative role better than anyone else. The horror that he creates on the screen via his phenomenal performance is something that leaves every viewer spellbound. It would have been so fun to witness him as Lankesh in Adipurush.


5. Vijay Sethupathi

Popularly helmed for movies like Vikram Vedha, Master, and ’96 among others Vijay Sethupathi is one of the most well-renowned actors from down South. He has received a lot of praise from audiences for doing negative roles in all of his latest movies. Can we say he too would have done a commendable job as Lankesh in Adipurush? 10/10.


On the flip side, Adipurush was one of the most-anticipated movies of 2023. However, sadly it could not live up to the expectations of the viewers. The terrible depiction and cringe dialogue in the film has hurt the sentiments of many Hindus. However, the makers of the movie have said that they would revise certain scenes and dialogues. We hope that it would be satisfactory.

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