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 In the realm of Bollywood, actors and their performances often become subjects of scrutiny and discussion. Sara Ali Khan, a popular star kid known for her lineage and charm, has also faced her fair share of criticism. Despite her growing fan base, there have been instances where Sara has been the target of trolling, specifically related to her acting skills.

Sara’s journey in the film industry began with great anticipation and expectations, owing to her family legacy. However, netizens have raised their opinions about her acting abilities, claiming that she falls short in terms of delivering impactful performances. These instances of trolling often ignite debates surrounding nepotism and the selection process in the industry.

From her portrayal in films like “Coolie No. 1” and “Love Aaj Kal 2” to her OTT release “Gaslight,” Sara has faced criticism for her expressions, delivery of dialogues, and perceived lack of depth in her characters. Social media platforms have been flooded with comments, memes, and discussions, dissecting her acting skills and questioning her suitability for certain roles. Here are five such occasions when Sara Ali Khan was trolled for allegedly torturing the audience with her performances.

1. Love Aaj Kal 2

Sara Ali Khan faced backlash and trolling for her alleged overacting in the film “Love Aaj Kal 2” alongside Kartik Aaryan. Critics and viewers criticized her exaggerated expressions and performance, with some stating that she failed to strike a balance in her portrayal. The trolling focused on her acting skills, highlighting the disappointment and negative reception towards her performance in the film.

2. Gaslight

Sara Ali Khan faced yet another round of trolling for her portrayal in the OTT release “Gaslight.” Netizens targeted her for what they perceived as ‘dull and dead’ expressions, particularly in critical emotional scenes. She received criticism for her acting and expressions in movies. The backlash surrounding her performance once again ignited discussions about her acting skills and ability to deliver impactful and convincing portrayals.

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3. Coolie No. 1

Sara Ali Khan faced yet another round of trolling for her alleged overacting and lack of acting skills in the movie “Coolie No. 1” alongside Varun Dhawan. The criticism extended not only to Sara but also to Varun, with both actors being targeted for their performances. Social media users and critics expressed disappointment and cited instances of poor acting, which sparked discussions about the overall quality of the film. The trolling specifically highlighted Sara’s overacting and Varun’s perceived shortcomings in delivering a convincing portrayal.

During an interview, Sara Ali Khan herself said about her disappointing performance in her recent movies. She said, “Like my performance in Love Aaj Kal was really horrible and I was not convincing in Coolie No. 1, and I am aware of that.”

4. Atrangi Re

In another film “Atrangi Re,” Sara Ali Khan faced criticism for her performance, with many viewers expressing disappointment and claiming that she failed to impress the audience. The audience pointed out issues such as inadequate character portrayal, lack of depth in emotions, and a perceived inability to deliver a convincing performance.

5. Zara Hatke Zara Bachke

Sara Ali Khan found herself on the receiving end of trolling once again, this time for her over-the-top personality and alleged overacting in the movie “Zara Hatke Zara Bachke” opposite Vicky Kaushal. Social media users criticized her exaggerated and loud performance, with comments focusing on her inability to strike a natural balance in her portrayal. The trolling targeted her larger-than-life persona and acting style, further fueling the ongoing discussions about her acting skills.

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