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According to recent updates, producer Madhu Mantena has confirmed that the filming of Nitesh Tiwari's "Ramayana" will soon begin. Initially, there were reports suggesting that Ranbir Kapoor and Sai Pallavi were cast as Ram and Sita, respectively. However, the latest speculation indicates a potential change in the casting. It is now being rumored that Alia Bhatt might step into the role of Sita, while discussions are ongoing for KGF star Yash to portray the iconic character of Raavan. These reports have generated significant buzz on the internet, but not all of it has been positive.

Ranbir Kapoor as Ram

Ranbir Kapoor, who is set to portray the character of Ram, has been actively involved in the film's progress. Sources reveal that once he completes his ongoing film, Animal, he will begin rigorous preparations to embody the role of Ram.

Yash in talks for Raavan

Another intriguing development in the Ramayana project is the discussions with KGF sensation Yash for the role of Raavan. While minor issues are currently being negotiated between Yash and the filmmakers, a clearer picture of his casting is expected to emerge within the next 15 days. If successful, Yash will bring his charisma and talent to the character of Raavan.


Alia Bhatt as Sita

According to a leading portal, Alia Bhatt has been chosen to play the pivotal character of Sita in Ramayana. This decision has surprised many, as earlier reports suggested Sai Pallavi for the role. Media reports indicate that Alia Bhatt was initially the first choice, but due to scheduling conflicts, the opportunity went to Sai Pallavi. However, with project delays, the filmmakers have returned to their original choice, and Alia Bhatt is said to be thrilled about portraying a character that could leave a lasting impact on her career. Unfortunately, this change hasn't been well-received by netizens.

Netizens’ Reaction to Alia Bhatt as Sita & Ranbir as Ram

As news of Alia Bhatt potentially replacing Sai Pallavi as Sita and Ranbir Kapoor stepping into the shoes of Ram spread across social media, netizens flooded the platforms with their reactions. Many expressed their disappointment with the casting choices and took to social media to share their opinions.

A user mentioned, “Alia being in anything and everything is just plain boring now. Nothing against her personally, but do these people really have no other options? Every big project eventually ends up in her lap only… sad since Sai would have been a stellar casting choice.”

“Alia Bhatt snatching projects from other actresses. Reduced fees, aggressive PR, misusing connections etc. this industry is in the dumps.”, wrote one Reddit user. Another user mentioned, “This nepo star is legit grabbing every single chance out there. Like, she is winning all these awards for, like, mediocre acting. I mean, seriously, this KJO daddy is totally making sure she stays on top, no matter how average she is.”

Someone wrote, “Nitesh tiwari thinks ranbir is lord ram, dimaag ghutne mein gaya kya unka”, “I’ll be on the side of boycott gang when they boycott this movie.”, wrote a netizen. “Can we not ruin Sita with Alia please!”, said a user.

 “Ranbir looks like a middle-aged stoner. Maybe Sai Pallavi was smart enough to read the lack of potential here and passed it on to Aloo, who wants to be in every movie her pati/parameshwar is in?”, wrote a netizen.

“If they drop Sai Pallavi for Alia then I’m boycotting”, wrote another user. “What the what!!! Alia needs to stop. She can’t play a normal city girl convincingly. How can she play the character of Sita? Neither is Ranbir the right choice for the role of Rama! I hope Bollywood drowns man.”, wrote a netizen.

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