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 Prabhas has garnered an enormous global fan base, particularly following the release of Baahubali. His dedicated fans are known for their unwavering support, and recent incidents have provided evidence of their extreme devotion.

A video circulating on social media showcases a fan giving a negative review of Om Raut’s directorial venture, which triggers a furious reaction from those around him. The situation escalates to the point where they physically assault the man, all of which is captured on camera

The shocking video has left everyone astounded, and calls for the fan’s arrest have reverberated across various platforms. A netizen explained, “That person wearing glasses claimed the movie was bad and referred to it as a huge disappointment. The fans started attacking him, asking sarcastically what he was under the influence of while watching the film. The man wittily replied that he watched it with his own eyes and through his glasses.”

Many netizens reacted to the video and shared their disappointment. Here are some of the reaction: “Irony ho rahi bohot bhayankar. Fans of the actor who plays Ram , behaviour of the followers of Ravana.” “This went too far, he just expressed his opinion/ reviews that didn’t warrant a fight.” “It’s unacceptable, those guys that are beating have to be jailed & should be banned from theater…” “The most toxic thing in the world is South fanbase they are very toxic it’s been proven many times in many fields.” “So blinded in fan worship they can’t handle the truth….” “Those guys must be arrested and punished. They have assaulted a man”

In an even more distressing incident, reports have emerged of Prabhas fans allegedly destroying a theater due to their dissatisfaction with Adipurush. A netizen shared a video along with a caption stating, “Prabhas fans destroying a theater because they didn’t like Adipurush. The police arrived and arrested five individuals, imposing a damage charge of 50,000 rupees.”

Unfortunately, this is not the first instance of Prabhas fans engaging in unruly behavior. In a previous incident, a fan war in Andhra Pradesh resulted in the tragic death of an innocent individual. A Prabhas fan allegedly killed a fan of Pawan Kalyan during a minor argument. The altercation arose between Kishore, a Pawan Kalyan supporter, and Hari Kumar, a fan of Prabhas, while they were engaged in house painting work in Attili. The situation escalated, and Hari, in a fit of anger, grabbed a nearby rod and fatally struck Kishore. Tragically, Kishore lost his life while being transported to the hospital.

In another distressing incident, a Prabhas fan took his own life following negative reviews of the superstar’s film, Radhe Shyam. The fan, named Ravi Teja, tragically died by suicide at his home in Tilak Nagar, Kurnool district, Andhra Pradesh. Prior to ending his life, he had expressed his concerns about the unfavorable reviews of Radhe Shyam to his mother.

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Meanwhile, fans are demanding the arrest of the people who beat up the man for giving a negative review of Adipurush. Adipurush has received negative reviews across the internet because of bad VFX and horrible dialogue.

Here’s the complete Twitter Review of Adipurush. What do you think about Prabhas fan’s unruly behavior? Tell us in the comments below.

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