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The controversial Adipurush broke box office records on Day 1 while the internet is still debating over what it thinks of the film. The film’s teaser received backlash for allegedly misrepresenting Hindus and showing a false depiction of Lord Ram and Hanuman. Despite all this hate, the film still managed to become a box office hit on Day 1 itself. 

Amidst all this backlash, a clip from Shah Rukh Khan’s Swades has gone viral on the internet. The scene from the 2004 film shows King Khan and Gayatri Joshi’s Ramayana scene. People on social media are claiming that the scene was way better than the film Adipurush. 


There were fans who loved the film while haters dissed it for its poor VFX and dialogue delivery. To make matters worse for the film, the Ashutosh Govarikar film’s scene is being used as a comparison. In the film sequence, Shah Rukh is explaining Ramayana during a Ram Leela scene to the audience by singing it. 

Twitter users shared the clip and expressed their opinion on it. One user wrote, ‘These 50 mins video of king khan #SRK #Swades show how great Bollywood can pull of tribute to Lord Rama without heavy budget.’

 Another user wrote, ‘This scene from @AshGowariker's #Swades is one of the finest scenes of @iamsrk ever.... Such purity, those moist eyes... The poignance, the quest for mere living against skyhigh ambitions Wah wah wah!!! Your thoughts ??’

Here are some more reactions on the microblogging website.

Adipurush is a mythological story entirely depicted from Valmiki’s Ramayana. The cast of the film consists of Prabhas as Lord Ram, Kriti Sanon as Sita, and Saif Ali Khan as Raavana. 

Hailed as the most expensive film in Indian cinema, the project’s budget was Rs 500 crore. After a long line of controversies, the film is now a major box office hit. 

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