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 Hey Bollywood, listen up! We’ve got some important news for you – you better keep your hands off these 8 South Indian movies for remakes! These movies have already won hearts and gained a huge fan following in the South, and we don’t want to see them ruined by Bollywood’s bad remakes.

1. Kantara

First on the list is Kantara. This movie was a huge success, both commercially and critically, and we don’t want to see Bollywood take a chance on ruining it. Director Rishab Shetty has made it clear that he’s not interested in any Hindi remake of the film. When enquired by ETimes as to who should hypothetically play his role in the remake, he simply answered, “To play such characters you have to believe in the roots and culture. There are many big actors in the Hindi film industry whom I admire. But I am not interested in remakes.” Let’s hope Bollywood takes the hint.

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2. Bimbisara

Next up is Bimbisara, a movie that wowed audiences with its opulence and ferocity. With uncompromising action, striking camera work, and impressive visual effects, this movie is a must-watch. For the unversed, the movie sets its premise in 500 B.C, when Trigartala empire is ruled by the tyrant emperor Bimbisara (played by Kalyan Ram). Despite his vicious and violent tendencies, his reign is unchallenged until his exiled twin brother Devadatta devises a treacherous plan to teleport him to the present-day world through a magical mirror. The movie explores the consequences of this time travel, as the authoritarian king is reborn as a wealthy businessman in the modern world. If you haven’t watched this intriguing storyline yet, you can catch it on Zee5 in Telugu, Hindi, and other languages.

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3. Vikram

The box office collection of Kamal Hassan’s movie Vikram amounted to nearly Rs. 450 Crores, owing to its exceptional screenplay, action sequences, and many other aspects. It’s doubtful that any Bollywood actor can match up to the brilliance with which Kamal Hassan portrayed his character in the movie. So, Bollywood please don’t even try!

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4. KGF Series

KGF has become a sensation throughout India and has been highly successful across various languages. The movie’s captivating plot, mesmerizing background score, and outstanding performances have contributed to its immense popularity. The Hindi dubbed version of KGF has also been a massive hit, making it redundant for Bollywood to consider remaking it.

5. Bahubaali Series

Bollywood would never dare to attempt a remake of Bahubaali, one of the most successful Indian films ever made. SS Rajamouli’s artistic vision is unparalleled, and it would be a sacrilege for anyone else to attempt to recreate his masterpiece. The thought of a Bollywood remake of Bahubaali is simply unimaginable.

6. RRR

How can we overlook SS Rajamouli’s RRR, the film that brought an Oscar to our nation? This movie was not only a hit in India but also shattered numerous records worldwide.

7. Vaathi

If you haven’t seen this outstanding film, it’s available for streaming on Netflix. There is also a Hindi dubbed version available. With a compelling storyline and Dhanush’s powerful performance, this movie is a must-see. Dhanush’s acting is so exceptional in this movie that no Bollywood actor can match his level of skill.

8. PS-1 & PS-2

PS-1 & 2 are two more exceptional films from the South that took the entire country by storm. Mani Ratnam’s masterpieces impressed the audience greatly. The talented cast, in addition to the direction, makes it nearly impossible for Bollywood to replicate the magic. Even if Bollywood attempts to recreate it, it will likely fail because the standards are set too high for them to reach.


9. Sita Raman

Sita Raman, a romantic drama in Telugu directed and written by Hanu Raghavapudi, starred Dulquer as Lieutenant Ram, an Indian army officer serving at the Kashmir border who receives anonymous love letters from Sita Mahalakshmi. This phenomenal period film had a compelling storyline, excellent screenplay, and top-notch direction. However, what truly stands out is the outstanding performances of the lead actors. It is hard to imagine any Bollywood actor delivering such a dedicated portrayal of these characters. We strongly advise Bollywood to refrain from remaking this masterpiece.

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So, Bollywood, please listen to us and keep your hands off these 8 South Indian movies for remakes. Let’s let these movies remain as the masterpieces that they are, and not risk ruining them with bad remakes.

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