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Let's face it: Finding quality family-friendly material on OTT may occasionally be a challenge. Finding safe entertainment among the massive collection of programmes available on digital platforms has grown more difficult than ever in the present times. However, if you are still holding out for high-quality programming, take a look at this list of Indian family-friendly OTT web series and movies for a pleasant watch.

1.  Yeh Meri Family 2

Yeh Meri Family 2 is set in the 'winter of the 90s' and centres on the Awasthi family. Ritika (Hetal Gada), an 11th grader, is shown as being terrified of her mother Neerja (Juhi Parmar), who she refers to as "Kiran Bedi," and as being reluctant to speak to her father Sanjay (Rajesh Kumar).

 Where To Watch: Amazon Mini TV

2. Happy Family Conditions Appl

As its name suggests, centres on the dysfunctional relationship between members of the Dholakia family. The choice of actors is what gives the programmes their bright and enjoyable feel. Atul Kulkarni and Ayesha Jhulka play their son and daughter-in-law, while Raj Babbar and Ratna Pathak Shah portray the family's leaders.

 Where To Watch: Amazon Prime Video

3. Mind The Malhotras

Rishabh and Shefali Malhotra worry that their marriage might also be a ticking time bomb that will erupt when yet another married pair in their friend circle files for divorce.

 Where To Watch:  Amazon Prime Video

4. Gullak

Gullak is a compilation of beautiful and relevant stories about the Mishra family that are set in picturesque byways in the heart of India. Join Santosh and Shanti Mishra as they enjoy the various flavours of small-town life.

 Where To Watch: SonyLiv

5. Trial Period

Trial Period's main character, Anamaya Roy Choudhry, is a single mother who raises her little son Romi. When Romi begins asking questions about his father, everything in her life turns upside down. 

 Where To Watch: Jio Cinema

6. Panchayat

Abhishek, a recent engineering graduate, struggles to obtain a position that suits him. So, he finds himself working for a panchayat in a far-off Indian village and faces a number of routine difficulties.

 Where To Watch: Amazon Prime Video

7. Home Shanti

In the vicinity of Dehradun, a middle-class Joshi family aspires to construct their own home. The ups and downs the family experiences while building their ideal home are discussed in the television series.

 Where To Watch: Disney Plus Hotstar

8. The Great Indian Dysfunctional Family

The narrative starts when Samar, Vikram's estranged brother, returns home with his wife after 8 years of running away from both his house and the army. After his return, an odd family gathering starts, which leads to a number of problems.

 Where To Watch: Jio Cinema

9. Kathal

The narrative is centred on teenage Inspector Mahima Basor (Sanya Malhotra), who is in charge of investigating cases involving stolen or missing jackfruits in the fictional town of Moba.

 Where To Watch: Netflix

10. The Aam Aadmi Family

The Sharma family, a middle-class family, is the focus of this show. A diligent father, a mother who speaks sanskaari, a grandma who enjoys gossiping, and two grown children who are making the best of their middle-class status are all present.

 Where To Watch: Zee5

11. Home

The show investigates how Sethi family upholds their principles and finds joy in the little things. 

 Where To Watch: AltBalaji

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