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 Do you want to see your favourite Indian cricketer act in movies? Well, looks like it will happen one day as Sakshi Dhoni, wife of MS Dhoni said that the cricketer is open to acting, but only if the script is good enough for him. While promoting her first film as a producer, Tamil film, LGM (Let's Get Married), Sakshi was asked if Dhoni could be a leading man in a film. She said, “If there’s something good, he might do it. He is not camera-shy. He has been acting in advertisements since 2006, and he is not afraid of facing the camera. So, might do it if there’s something good.”

When Sakshi was asked which genre her husband would prefer, she said, "Action. He is always in action.”

LGM director Ramesh Thamilmani also said, "He is a real-life superhero, and I would like to see him in a superhero film.”

When asked about her decision to invest in a Tamil film, Sakshi said it is because of Dhoni's attachment to the state of Tamil Nadu. For the uninformed, Dhoni is the captain of Chennai Super Kings cricket team. 

Another point Sakshi mentioned is that she wanted to start with something small with her first project. She said, “We were clear that we will start with something small first. That’s the way to go. Like a child would not start walking immediately. It has to learn. That applies to us as well. Also, we wanted to start in Tamil because we have an emotional connection with people here. Language has never been a problem for us. We have started this company that will last for a long time. So, we want to begin from here. When we look back, we want this to be for starting point. We will know where we came from.”

According to Sakshi, the film's idea is based on the relationship between a mother-in-law and daughter-in-law. The director of film added that Sakshi was involved in all steps of the film. He said, “She was particular about having a heroine who can speak Tamil and not some actor from the North. She wanted things to be authentic. Also, both Dhoni and she were very supportive. Dhoni told me that ‘More than anything else, we should like what we have done. Everything else comes later. In that way, I am proud of what you guys have made with LGM.’ Dhoni has so far watched the film thrice,” he said. 

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Actor Harish Kalyan will be seen on the big screen after three whole years in this project. He said, “Even when Nadhiya ma’am saw me sitting silently while the trailer was played… she told me to calm down. For a star like Rajini sir or Kamal sir or Vijay sir… there will be a huge fan following who will go to the theatre irrespective of the time. So, that’s hard for small and content-driven films. So, I was a bit worried. However, in the last two years, people have shown good films will work irrespective of the star. Love Today is one such example. So, I am hopeful about it. LGM is a feel-good family drama that’s for everyone."

The film also stars Yogi Babu, Venkat Prabu and VTV Ganesh. It will have its theatrical release across the country on July 28. 

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