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 Naseeruddin Shah. An iconic figure celebrated for his versatility and mastery of the craft, Naseeruddin Shah’s journey to success serves as an inspiration. Beyond his cinematic achievements, his personal life has also witnessed a significant battle.

Actor Naseeruddin Shah, known for his candidness in describing his life, choices, relationships, and work decisions, recently opened up about his marriage and the challenges he faced in being with Ratna Pathak Shah. Despite opposition from her parents, Naseeruddin Shah, who never shies away from speaking his mind, revealed that one of the major reasons they objected to their marriage was his past struggle with drug addiction. 

It Was a Love at First Sight for Naseeruddin Shah

While speaking with HOB, the veteran actor added that it was love at first sight for him because the moment he set his eyes on Ratna, he knew he wanted to know her more. In the interview, Shah said, “I just felt I’d like to know this person. Over the process of rehearsals, we got to know each other. I think she also liked what she saw. It’s been a great blessing because we have stood by each other through thick and thin. She has stood by me rather through thick and thin, through very difficult times, and through very good times. I think the main reason for that is because we have remained friends – that’s the most important thing,”

Naseeruddin Shah’s Fight Against Addiction To Marry Ratna Pathak

Veteran actor Naseeruddin Shah, who never shies away from his honest opinion about the most controversial topics, recently revealed that it took him seven years to get married to his now-wife and actress Ratna Pathak.

Shah revealed that it took him seven years to court the 66-year-old actress for marriage as her parents didn’t approve of him.“Her parents were against it because I was married before and I was a drug addict. I was an ill-tempered man and all that sort of thing. But, she didn’t pay heed to any of that. In between, she went to drama school for three years. But we were practically living together. So, when she moved in with me, it was like the most normal thing in the world,” he added.

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Ratna Deserved Better Than Me: Naseerudin Shah

Further adding, he said, “Ratna was a blessing for me. In hindsight, she probably deserved better—I had been married before and was a drug addict when I met her. In fact, her parents never approved of our match. But Ratna being who she was, never paid any heed to it. We never paid any heed to it. We knew we wanted to be together and that’s what we did. And that resulted in this beautiful partnership and friendship that we share to this day.

I consider myself very lucky to have had Ratna with me through every thick and thin, and every sadness and happiness. It’s beautiful how we still find something new about each other every day, even after all this time–something more to love and cherish about the other person. More than anything else, that is what I live for,” Shah was also quoted as saying in the interview. 

Naseeruddin Shah and Ratna Pathak tied the knot on April 1, 1982. Prior to marrying Ratna, the actor was wed to Manara Sikri, with whom he has a daughter named Heeba. From his second marriage with Ratna, he has two sons – Imaad and Vivaan Shah. 

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Shah’s inspiring journey serves as a powerful reminder that we have the strength to conquer our demons and craft a beautiful life that we truly deserve. It is commendable to see celebrities openly sharing their struggles, whether it’s with addiction or mental health, as it helps break the taboos surrounding these issues and encourages open conversations. Their bravery in discussing these sensitive topics has a profound impact on dismantling societal taboos. What do you think? Tell us in the comments below.

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