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 For years, fans of Shah Rukh Khan have admired and cherished his image as a devoted family man. Throughout his career, SRK has shown immense love and care for his family, being not just a successful actor but also a responsible husband and a loving father. Unlike some celebrities who might use family images for public relations, Shah Rukh Khan’s dedication to his family is genuine and heartfelt. He has always been a role model when it comes to striking a perfect balance between his professional and personal life.

Recently, an old video of Shah Rukh Khan spending quality time with his first-born son, Aryan Khan, has resurfaced and gone viral. The video offers a touching glimpse into his life as a father and showcases the genuine affection and warmth he shares with his son. It’s heartwarming to witness their beautiful bond.

In a never-seen-before video, Shah Rukh Khan is seen playfully teaching his son, Aryan, some fighting moves. In the video, Shah Rukh demonstrates a self-defense technique, asking Aryan to hold his neck in a grip and push it down. However, young Aryan seems to be in a mischievous mood and continues to playfully hold his father’s neck, ignoring his requests to stop.

The lightheartedness continues as Aryan asks Shah Rukh to say “matte,” a term used in martial arts to indicate surrender or defeat. To add humor to the moment, Shah Rukh playfully responds with, “Teri matte di.” Despite the playful atmosphere, Shah Rukh eventually reminds Aryan that he has to let go and loosen his grip, giving him a light scolding for not listening.

Image: Screengrab

The heartwarming video has been shared on Instagram by the account @srk_army, and fans are loving the throwback glimpse into Shah Rukh’s playful side as a father. The comments overflow with admiration and appreciation for the bond shared between the superstar and his son.

Here are some of the comments:

“Ohh Aaryan bhai, he is our national treasure.. ye kya kar rahe ho!! Handle delicately,” wrote one user. Another commented, “Love the line “tere mate ki”…. OMG so sooooo adorable.””They are funny just like that,” commented someone. “I love both of them,” wrote another user. Love the line “tere mate ki”…. OMG so sooooo adorable”, wrote a fan.

“A good father to his children”, commented a user. Another user wrote, “This is so cute…They are so funny” “He should have protected this child as soon as he turned into a young man😮 kids need their parents guidance and protection not just their money.”, wrote a user.

Image: Screengrab

“First time i am not looking at srk but his son , his son has his charm.”, wrote someone. Another user commented, “SRK lived all stages of life with perfection.”

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Watch the video here:

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