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 Shah Rukh Khan, widely known as SRK, is undoubtedly one of the best Bollywood actors who consistently pushes beyond his comfort zone. With his versatility and dedication to his craft, he has captivated audiences across the globe. However, it is not just his acting prowess that endears him to millions; SRK is cherished for being a remarkable individual as well. His charisma, humility, and philanthropic endeavors have won hearts, making him not only a beloved actor but also a genuine and admirable person. SRK’s ability to connect with people on and off the screen is what truly sets him apart and has earned him a special place in the hearts of fans worldwide.

Contrary to popular opinion, Pakistani actor Mahnoor Baloch holds a different perspective on Shah Rukh Khan’s acting abilities. In an interview with Samaa TV, she boldly expressed her view that Shah Rukh Khan is not a good actor. She even went on to claim that Shah Rukh Khan is not even handsome in the conventional sense. She further shared what makes a person truly attractive.

Shah Rukh Khan Doesn’t Know Acting: Mahnoor Baloch 

According to Mahnoor Baloch, a person’s personality encompasses more than just their looks, and she emphasized that Shah Rukh Khan is simply a great businessman who knows how to market himself effectively. In her opinion, Shah Rukh Khan does not know acting.

Talking about SRK’s personality, she said, “Shahrukh Khan has a very good personality, but if you see him according to the beauty parameters and what is considered handsome, he doesn’t come under that. It is just that his personality and aura are so strong that he looks good. He has that thing, but there are many beautiful people, who don’t have any aura, so people do not even notice them.”

Then, she criticized his acting.”It is my opinion about Shah Rukh Khan that he doesn’t know about acting. He is a great businessman, he knows how to market himself. Maybe, his fans and people would disagree with me, and that’s okay. He has a good personality, he markets himself well. There are so many good actors, who are not as successful,” Baloch said on Samaa TV’s Had Kar Di.

Internet Reactions to Mahnoor Baloch’s Statement

Her interview left many Shah Rukh Khan’s fan angry. They took to the comments section of the Youtube channel and shared their disagreement. Someone wrote, ‘What rubbish she is saying…SRK is quality actor a legend.’ Another fan wrote, ‘He is very good actor don’t guide please.’

‘You are definitely wrong. He’s the king of expressions, uski ankhein bolti hain, acting to baad mein aati hai madam ji. Lots of respect for you, but you are wrong here.’ said a netizen. Someone wrote, ‘I think she is trying to get popularity by mentioning Shahrukh Khan, he is better and way more successful than you. He would never give this kind of remarks for anyone so he is better person than her.’

A fan wrote, ‘No offence but who is she and what are her achievements till date? Just need to know.. what srk is today because of what he did in the past and how he build himself over the years.. seeing her first time and my impression is she is confident straightforward but don’t know if she can survive with this kind of approach because the successful people are passionate compassionate and always speak good of neighbours and colleagues.’

Recently, Shah Rukh Khan released the teaser of his upcoming movie Atlee’s Jawan which left the audience awestruck. The teaser received massive love from the critics and audience. The movie is expected to release on September 7, 2023. The film will also star Nayanthara and Vijay Sethupati in significant roles. 

In case you haven’t watched the teaser, here it is:

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