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 Undoubtedly, Adipurush stands out as one of the most catastrophic Bollywood films ever made. The movie’s abysmal screenplay and horrible dialogues not only failed to live up to the enormous hype surrounding it but also drew severe criticism from audiences for ruining Ramayana for many. In an attempt to make the Gods more relatable, the filmmakers ended up mocking them instead. [Also Read: Flawed Looks To Wrong Facts: 11 Reasons Why People Are Demanding To Boycott Prabhas Adipurush]

The audience did not hold back their anger for the film. Even weeks after its release, people continued to relentlessly troll and express their anger and disgust towards it. What adds to the repugnance and disappointment is the exorbitant budget invested in the production of this failed project.

Is Chandrayaan 3 cheaper than Adipurush?

Recently, a user highlighted that the cost of Chandrayaan 3, India’s lunar mission, is actually lower than the budget allocated to Om Raut’s film. Twitter user Ravisutanjani tweeted, “Approximate Budget • Adipurush – ₹700 Crore • Chandrayaan 3 – ₹615 Crore Gives a Fair Understanding of Priorities.”

This shocking revelation has sparked numerous discussions on Twitter, with people sharing their diverse thoughts on the matter.

Some netizens came forward to share how the comparison didn’t make any sense:

What is the budget of Adipurush? Was it made on a budget of Rs 700 crores?

The budget of Prabhas starrer Adipurush has been a topic of discussion and speculation. According to Koimoi.com, the makers reportedly spent Rs 700 crores on the film’s production. However, other reports suggest that the budget falls within the range of Rs 500 – 675 crores. This discrepancy can be attributed to the fact that the filmmakers reworked certain aspects of the movie following the backlash from audiences regarding poor VFX in the initially released teaser

If the reported budget of Rs 700 crores is accurate, then Adipurush would indeed be the most expensive film ever made in the country. To provide some context, Baahubali: The Beginning had a budget of Rs 180 crores, while its sequel, Baahubali: The Conclusion, had a budget of Rs 250 crores. Another highly anticipated film, RRR, was made on a budget of Rs 550 crores.

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