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 In the recent release of Adipurush, a highly anticipated movie with a staggering budget of 500 Crores, audiences were left disappointed and disheartened. As the film failed to meet the high expectations set by its grand scale and the legendary story of Ramayana, a demand for a boycott of Adipurush has gained significant traction among the audience. The reasons driving this call for boycott are diverse, reflecting the varied concerns and grievances of the viewers. Here are some of them:

1. Ravaan Loook 

2. Another one

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3. Sita ji & Ram’s appearance

4. Hanumanji’s Greeting To Sita

5. When did that happen?

7. Misrepresentations in the movies

8. Ram ji’s Appearance

9. Makers got appearances & looks wrong  

10. Ravan’s Son Indrajit’s Look 

11. Hanumanji’s Look

12. Horrible Dialogues


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