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Adipurush has garnered considerable attention in the media for various reasons leading up to its release. Helmed by director Om Raut, the film features a stellar cast including Prabhas, Kriti Sanon, Saif Ali Khan, Sunny Singh, and Devdatta Nage in pivotal roles. As the film finally hits the screens, it is natural that audiences have formed their opinions. While the response to the film has been mixed, the criticism of the visual effects (VFX) has been particularly pronounced. However, it’s not just the VFX that has left audiences disappointed; the dialogues have also failed to meet expectations, adding to the overall dissatisfaction surrounding the film.

Indrajit to Hanumanji: “Jali na teri? Ab aur jalegi…Bechara jiski jalti hai, wohi jaanta hai”

Adipurush Dialogues-04

Hanumanji to Indrajit,”Tel tere baap ka, aag tere baap ki, ab jalegi bhi tere baap ki”

Ravan about Raghav,”Ayodhya mein toh woh rehta nahin rehta woh jungle mein hai. Aur jungle ka raja toh sher hota hai… toh woh raja kahan ka re!

Hanumanji says, “Jo humari behno ko haath lagaayenge, unki lanka laga denge”.

Ravan’s soldier to Hanumanji after he sees Hanumanji in Ashok Vatika, “Teri bua ka bageecha hai jo hawa khane aa gaya?”

“Lanka laga denge”

Lakshman after attacking Indrajit,”Mere ek sapole ne tumhare is shesh nag ko lamba kar diya. Abhi toh pura pitara bhara pada hai!”

Vibhishan to Ravan: ‘Bhaiya, aap apne kaal ke liye kalin bicha rahe hain!”

This is not the first instance where Bollywood has let down its audience with poorly written dialogue. In the past, a similar disappointment was witnessed with the film Brahmastra.

What do you think about Adipurush & its dialogues?

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