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 Actress Shikha Malhotra who starred in Shah Rukh Khan starrer Fan has finally opened up on suffering brain stroke and paralysis. In a recent post by a paparazzi account, Malhotra shared her transformation journey. The 29-year-old featured in films like Kaanchli, Running Shaadi and The World Unseen.

SRK’s Co-star Shikha Who Suffered Brain Stroke, Paralysis Explains Her Inspiring Transformation

During the first wave of Covid 19, Shikha volunteered as a nurse but soon her world turned upside down.

She then also revealed, “For those who don't know that I am a #Registered #BscHonoursNurse from Vardhaman Mahavir Medical and #SafdarjungHospital Spending my five years.” It was reported that about a year later, the actress was hospitalised for getting affected with Covid and more horrific things followed.

SRK’s Co-star Shikha Who Served As A Nurse In Covid Reveals Suffering Brain Stroke, ParalysisTwitter

Shikha's PR manager Ashwani Shukla revealed back in 2020, "She got a major stroke. The right side of her body has been affected badly. She is admitted to Cooper Hospital in Vile Parle.” A pap post read, “And film actress Shikha Malhotra is hospitalized again. After winning her battle with COVID-19 one month prior, Shikha suffered from a paralysis stroke on Thursday midnight.”

Shikha has now spoken about how she overcame the dark days of her life and career.

SRK’s Co-star Shikha Who Suffered Brain Stroke, Paralysis Explains Her Inspiring TransformationInstagram

In an Instagram post, Paparazzi account Viral Bhayani shared his conversation with Shikha and wrote, “Why do bad things happen to good people? The actress who turned Nurse during covid to help got covid after a year and brain stroke (and her) right side got paralysed.”

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Shikha told Viral, “Just after a month after my debut film release lockdown got announced and without a single thought I wore my white uniform and joined Covid ICU in BMC Hospital, Mumbai. I never got scared of touching any patient. Soon I got promoted to a patient councillor as well. After working in covid ICU, I use to counsel the patients by visiting every ward.”

SRK’s Co-star Shikha Who Suffered Brain Stroke, Paralysis Explains Her Inspiring TransformationIndiatimes

“After working for about a year, I got covid and while recovering I got a brain stroke. Got right-side paralysis. During my recovery, I could not even think of getting back to my acting profession. As I got swelled due to steroids. After 2 years of recovery in 2021 and 2022, I decided not to give up myself and geared up to meet myself once again. I never shared my bikini pics on social media before but my transformation was about life and death.”

Indeed Sikha’s journey from ‘Hell and back’ will continue to inspire those who are pulled back by any constraints.


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