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 Bollywood Big-Budget Movie Put on Hold

Sanjay Leela Bhansali, a famous Indian filmmaker, decided to stop work on his most expensive movie, "Baiju Bawra." This was because the movie would cost too much money to make. The movie was supposed to star Ranveer Singh and Alia Bhatt, and it was set to be a musical.

Why was the movie put on hold?

The main reason the movie was put on hold was because it would cost 350 crore rupees to make. This is a lot of money, even for a big Bollywood movie. Studios were not willing to invest this much money in the film, especially since it was a musical.

Who did Bhansali talk to about funding the movie?

Bhansali talked to several studios about funding the movie, but none of them were willing to give him the money he needed. He first talked to Jayantilal Gada, who had worked with him on a previous movie. However, Gada was already working on another big movie with Ranveer Singh, and he didn't want to invest in another one.

Bhansali then talked to Ronnie Screwvala and Jio Studios, but they both turned him down. Screwvala suggested that Bhansali change the cast of the movie, but Bhansali was not willing to do that. Jio Studios did a study of the movie and decided that it was too risky to invest 350 crore rupees in it.

Finally, Bhansali talked to Sameer Nair, who runs Applause Entertainment. Nair was willing to help Bhansali, but he could only raise 275 crore rupees. He suggested that Bhansali try to make the movie on a smaller budget, but Bhansali refused.

What is Bhansali doing now?

Bhansali is now working on several other scripts, including a love story called "Inshallah" that will star Shah Rukh Khan.

What does this mean for Bollywood?

The fact that a movie like "Baiju Bawra" was put on hold because of its budget is a sign that Bollywood is changing. Studios are becoming more careful about how much money they spend on movies, and they are less willing to take risks on big-budget projects. This could mean that we see fewer big-budget Bollywood movies in the future.

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