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Arijit Singh: A Beloved Singer with a Down-to-earth Touch

Arijit Singh is a superstar singer in India. He's known for his beautiful, soulful voice that tugs at people's heartstrings. His fans adore him not just for his singing, but also for his kindness and genuine personality.

A recent video shows just how down-to-earth Arijit is. While riding his scooter, he gets stopped by a group of kids who excitedly throw colored powder on him, celebrating the Holi festival. Arijit smiles warmly as he interacts with the kids, even stopping his scooter for a moment to let them have some fun. This sweet moment has been spreading like wildfire online, with fans praising Arijit's easygoing nature and his love for children.

Arijit on Artificial Intelligence in Music

In a recent interview, Arijit discussed the growing use of artificial intelligence (AI) in the music industry. He believes it's important for him to stay informed about this technology.

"If I don't learn about AI, I'll be left behind," he said. "It's a source of information, like a giant library. But the people creating AI, they decide what information goes in, and that shapes how it works. It's almost like giving AI a personality, making it more human-like."

Arijit also expressed some concerns about AI. "It could be a threat," he said. "AI has access to information about everyone in the world, like giant dictionaries with all kinds of knowledge. This includes music, so AI is being used to create vocals and even imitate voices."

He revealed that his own voice is being used in AI development. "We need to be prepared for this," he explained. "If someone else tries to use my voice without permission, I want to be able to control that. I'm happy to license it out if needed."

Arijit's Voice: A Change Over Time

Arijit also opened up about how his voice has changed throughout his career. He even admitted to deliberately altering his voice in the past.

"I actually trained myself to sing differently," he said. "My voice used to be quite different, but people didn't like it at all when I started singing that way. So, I worked on changing my voice to have more power and cut through the music better."

Getting that signature voice, however, came at a cost. "It was a demanding process," he revealed. "I had to take a break from everything for a few months to really focus on it."

Arijit's Musical Success

Despite the challenges, Arijit's hard work has certainly paid off. He's a chart-topping artist, and 2024 has been a particularly successful year for him. He's delivered hit songs like "Tere Sang Ishq Hua," "Tum Kya Mile," "Satranga," and "Oonchi Oonchi Deeware."

Arijit Singh remains a beloved figure in Indian music, not just for his talent, but also for his humble and friendly personality.

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